It is intriguing that when the topic here is the sexual abuse of children that some would like to silence or restrict that!!! Why is that?
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TFYQA (Think for Yourself - Question Authority) 
We are currently a small group of survivors of clergy abuse.
We hope to make a difference for the many victims by taking up the tasks that have been missed or avoided by the mainstream religions.
We would like to hear from victims of clergy abuse. Tell us your opinions on the process you have been through - tell us of your life in this regard.

Through this site we hope to build a coalition of victims to work for a just system and for accountability in religious orders in regards sexual or religious abuse.  If you would like to have some say, input or provide assistance we would greatly appreciate the help.

We are seeking input from those who have experience in this area to send us their ideas on what they feel would be of real help. Not the years of drawn out processes, but those things that are of benefit and help to those who have been victimised and had a great deal of their life ruined through both the initial abuse and then the ongoing process.

We are also unashamedly seeking funding and sponsorship from any area of commerce, religion or private. email us at for information.

Each person involved is or has been a victim of abuse.

We hope to compile a database of offenders and to be able to track the parishes they were located at and the times they were there. We believe that this information should be made available by each religion in an easily searched and publicly accessible database. We also believe that it would be reasonable to expect that the religious groups who have offenders would eagerly assist in both the provision of this data and to provide funding for its creation.

We believe that the Catholic Church has identified the need for an independent commission into sexual abuse within the organisation, however it has not been able to achieve that true independence needed in such circumstances. With the Commission being funded and reporting only to the Catholic Church it would appear that the appearance of independence is only that - an appearance.

We are working on ways to provide a system for supporters to actively participate in gaining justice for themselves and other victims. We are looking for your support in this area -simply by emailing  friends and asking them to show their support. One of those ways is to gain 1 million email addresses of supporters and to give those people the ability to forward a petition to Members of Parliament, religious leaders and  to the congregations of all religions. Let us know your  feelings on that.

Email contact can be made via the following email address


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Pedophilia and sexual abuse of children in Australia