It is intriguing that when the topic here is the sexual abuse of children that some would like to silence or restrict that!!! Why is that?
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An Update On Paedophilia

A lot has changed since Eros published ‘Moral Hypocrisy’ in 2000, a booklet detailing the child sex offences of more than 450 church clergy in Australian and overseas.

Churchesare finally now starting to apologise to victims, providingcompensation and removing child sex offenders from their religiousposts when complaints are made, instead of just moving them to otherparishes, as they did in the past. The Anglican Church has even decidedto adopt a national register of church workers accused, but nevercharged, with sex offences.

Outsidethe churches, major steps are also being taken to address child sexualabuse, like the recent national Police Operation Auxin, which nettedhundreds of offenders, laying over 2000 charges ranging from possessionof child pornography to rape, serious sexual assault, child sex tourismand the creation of child sex pornography images. The offenders camefrom many walks of life, including childcare providers, teachers,police officers, doctors, child welfare officers, defence personnel, anassistant to a state MP and an Anglican priest.

However,when you look at all the child sex cases reported in the media, it’sstriking to note that not one single offender comes from the adult sexindustry!
While media coverage of Auxin was comprehensive, almostno mention was made about the fact that for the last decade every stategovernment in Australia has diverted much needed police resources awayfrom child pornography, more than $20 million, to focus instead onprosecuting sex shop owners for selling federally classified,adults-only, X-rated videos.

Meanwhile,a year before Operation Auxin, Eros initiated a joint venture with theinternational sex industry program Adult Sites Against ChildPornography (ASACP), which has been responsible for 27 arrestsoverseas. The reality is the adult sex industry is strongly opposed toall child pornography and all sex crimes, especially those committedagainst children.

Whenit comes to child sex offences, we’re shocked that so many arecommitted by religious leaders and we can’t understand why politiciansaren’t clambering to do more about the problem. It must be the heightof irony that the adult sex industry has spent more time and resourcesspeaking up about this issue than any other organisation or individualin recent years.

Afterwe published Moral Hypocrisy, we expected to see great changes in theprosecution of child sex crimes and, we hoped, a reduction in thoseassociated with the churches but, as the following information shows,this has not been the case. Consequently, we feel compelled to providean update on paedophilia, so readers can see just how many new chargeshave been laid since 1999, against clergy and other pillars of oursociety.

Spacelimits us detailing every single case individually, so we’ve groupedthem in sections. It’s probably also worth mentioning that the CatholicChurch in the US recently did their own internal audit into child sexcrimes committed by their priests, finding more than 4,400 priests(that’s 4 per cent of all US priests) were involved in crimes againstmore than 11,000 victims! Perhaps Australian churches need to undertakesimilar audits so the real number of offences can finally be quantifiedand, hopefully, dealt with appropriately.

Thefollowing have been questioned, are being investigated, allegationshave been made against them or they’ve been charged with child sexcrimes since 1999*:

  • Lachlan Wallin, teacher from St Simon’s Catholic Primary School being investigated for child pornography offences.

  • Anglican Reverend John Crump, 58, questioned over child pornography.

  • Three more priests from the Salesian order involved in sex crimes.

  • Robert(Bob) Brandenburg charged in 1999 with repeatedly abusing andsodomising in excess of 80 young boys (committed suicide before trial)-- [more information on Brandenburg can be found below].

  • Newcomplainants come forward against Gerald Francis Ridsdale, jailed in19904 for heinous crimes against children aged nine to 15, along withChristian Brothers Robert Best and Edward Dowlan.

  • A Brisbane police officer facing 46 child pornography charges suicides in September 04.

  • Music teacher, Gary Maxwell Featherstone charged with 62 child sex offences committed at YMCA camps.

  • John Davies, highly placed executive officer with the Australian Taxation Office, is charged with sex slavery.

  • Marist brother, John Maguire stands trial accused of 19 offences, including sexual assaults against four 11-year-old boys.

  • Former WA Apex volunteer, Bernard Anthony Stuart Tynas accused of child sex abuse.

  • Convictedpaedophile and former Anglican priest Louis Victor Daniels isextradited to Tasmania to face fresh charges of sexually abusingadolescent boys.

  • Formerlay minister Cecil Neville is accused of indecent assault by threewomen; two were teenagers at the time of the incidents.

  • Controversysurrounds Catholic Archbishop of Sydney, George Pell, with allegationsof sex abuse made against him (though he was later exonerated by achurch inquiry), he was known to have shared a house with notoriousconvicted paedophile priest Gerald Ridsdale and conceded victims of sexabuse committed by Catholic priests were required to ‘keep quite’ ifthey accepted compensation. Pell has also publicly stated that,“abortion is a worse moral scandal than priests sexually abusing youngpeople.”

  • Former scoutmaster Delville James Strickland is charged with 63 sex offences against children, some under 14 years of age.

  • Boardingmaster Kevin George Guy, of Toowoomba Preparatory School, commitssuicide on the day he is due to face charges of indecently dealing witha girl in Year 7. A second victim later came forward, both receivinglarge compensation claims.

  • A former teacher from Melbourne’s Xavier Catholic boys’ school charged with child pornography in 2003.

  • JulianBruce Dever, teacher from an exclusive Catholic high school on the GoldCoast, charged with sexually abusing a former teenage student.

  • Former AFL football legend, Barry Cable, investigated for sexually abusing a girl who at the time was aged 12 to 13.

  • Formerarchdeacon of Seymour’s Anglican Church in Victoria, Alan Sapsford, ischarged with gross indecency, indecent assault and committing anindecent act with a child.

  • Catholic priest Father James Fletcher, of the diocese of Maitland-Newcastle, charged with child sexual assault offences.

  • Former Mount Isa Catholic Priest charged with 26 child sex offences.

The following have been found guilty, pleaded guilty or settled child sex crimes out of court since 1999*:

  • Magistrate Michael Esmond Frederick convicted of sex with 15-year-old girl.

  • Former top ranking Salesian priest, Father Julian Fox settles case involving sex abuse of two complainants.

  • Salesianpriest, David Rapson sentenced to two years jail for sex abuse and thechurch has paid out more than $35,000 to victims.

  • PerthCatholic school teacher, Alan John Vella, from St Brigid’s PrimarySchool, was among five West Australian men to plead guilty to a totalof nine counts of possessing, copying and selling illicit images ofchildren, as part of Operation Auxin.

  • Convictedpaedophile Brian Perkins, allowed to work at St Anne’s Special CatholicSchool in SA after his earlier convictions for child sex offences, issentenced to more than 10 years jail for abusing 36 more students.

  • Catholic priest Michael McArdle admits 62 counts of abusing 16 children and is sentenced to six years jail in 2003.

  • MichaelCrowley, co-author of the Tasmanian Anglican Church’s 1998 report intochild abuse, Not the Way of Christ serves one year of a two-and-a-halfyear sentence for sex offences against a teenage girl, aged under13when the offences began.

  • Scout leader, Gregory John Kench, jailed for ten years for sexually abusing 13-year-old boy.

  • Former Anglican priest, Garth Hawkins pleads guilty to child sex charges involving seven victims.

  • Convicted paedophile and former Queensland Labor MP Bill D’Arcy is found guilty of more child sex offences.

  • KristianKing, a former primary school teacher and babysitter, pleads guilty tomaking child pornography and later pleads guilty to 12 child sexcharges, including sexual penetration and indecent acts with afour-year old.

  • TwoWesley singing teachers, Trevor John Alexander and his wife ElspethMcKenzie, found guilty of ten and seven charges, respectively, relatingto sex with a 14-year-old girl.

  • Anglicanpriest Peter William Brazier pleads guilty in 2002 to seven sex chargesagainst a 15-year-old boy. In 1994, Brazier had pleaded guilty to threecounts of indecently assaulting another boy, at Tailem Bend-Meningie.

  • Catholic priest in Tasmania pleads guilty to seven counts of indecently assaulting a girl aged 14-16 at the time.

  • Former Melbourne priest Desmond Laurence Gannon gets a suspended jail sentence for indecently assaulting boys 20 years earlier.
  • Church-going family man Robert George Marlow jailed for molesting 13-year-old boy in Fiji.

  • Head of Catholic Church in Geelong pleads guilty to sex offences.
  • Prominent Catholic priest, Father Paul McLauchlan convicted of sex with two teenage boys in his care.

  • FormerCatholic priest David Daniel found guilty of 16 sex offences againstfour victims, aged from 6 years, and pleads guilty to another twocharges.

  • Perth church volunteer, Ronald William Bartlett, pleads guilty to 13 sex charges involving boys aged nine to 12.

  • FormerAnglican rector Robert Ellmore, who had previous convictions for childsexual assault, pleads guilty to more sex offences, involving girls asyoung as five.

  • FormerBrisbane Anglican Church Grammar School teacher and previous Father ofthe Year, Frederick Roy Hoskins pleads guilty to 16 child sex offencescommitted against victims aged nine to 15.

  • Convictedpaedophile William Brook Whitelock, employed by Churchie AnglicanGrammar School in Brisbane, pleads guilty to six charges relating tothe sexual abuse of two students, aged 10 and 11.

  • Formerparish priest Neville Joseph Creen, of North Queensland, pleads guiltyto 34 counts of indecent dealings with 20 girls, aged six to 12.

  • Catholic priest, Father John Barry Gwillim, of Coburg, pleads guilty to nine sex abuse charges against a 15-year-old boy.

  • Retired Hunter Valley Anglican priest, Father Allan Kitchingham, pleads guilty to five charges of assaulting a 13-year-old boy.

  • FormerCatholic priest, Vincent Kerin Kiss, pleads guilty to 11 counts ofindecent assault and two of buggery committed against four boys, aged13 to 15.

  • FormerIpswich Grammar School teacher, Kim Buchanan, pleads guilty to morethan 100 child sex offences against eight male students, aged 13 to 16.Buchanan had also molested boys at Brisbane Boys’ College.

  • FormerVictorian sect leader, Alistah Laishkochav, jailed for sexually abusingyoung girls then transferred to NSW to face five more warrants for sexoffences.

  • Formerpoliceman Donal Lavery jailed for sexually abusing a girl from age ninetill she was 16, along with trying to pervert the course of justice.

  • Former schoolteacher Phillip Hazeldine, of Gippsland Grammar, found guilty of sexually assaulting five former students.

  • Disgraced magistrate Peter Liddy, convicted of sex offences against boys, is jailed for 25 years.

  • Sydney-basedMarist Brother and teacher, Colgan Taylor pleads guilty to molestingtwo girls, one who was intellectually impaired, while working as apastor in Queensland.

  • Church minister from Gold Coast, Young Key Hain, found guilty of rape, digital rape and indecent dealing with a child under 16.

  • Catholicpriest, Father Adrian John Van Klooster pleads guilty 12 counts ofindecently dealing with a child under 13 and four of recording thechild and one of child pornography.

  • JohnLitton Elliott, a church elder who later became an Anglican priest,pleads guilty to 10 counts of sodomy and 18 counts of indecenttreatment of boys aged 10 to 13.

  • Religiousstudies teacher, Michael Anton Murre, found guilty of six counts ofindecent assault and two of buggery against a 15-year-old Scots Collegestudent.

  • ChristianBrother and deputy principal at St John Bosco College in Engadine, PaulGerard Barrett, pleads guilty to 29 charges of sexual assault, andrequests the court take a further 61 similar charges into account insentencing, for offences related to six victims as young as 13.
  • Teacher,sports coach and church group leader, convicted paedophile Gary JohnRiddle of Geelong, had his original sentence doubled by the Court ofAppeal. He had previously pleaded guilty to 14 sexual offences againstnine girls aged 10 to 16.

  • Securityfirm operator and convicted paedophile, Terrence Peter Bobak, of theSunshine Coast, had his sentence doubled by the Queensland Court ofAppeal. Originally sentenced for one count each of carnal knowledge anddeprivation of liberty and six counts of indecent dealing with threeteenage girls.

  • FormerBaptist Church missionary, David John Gillard, pleads guilty in NSWcourt to 12 counts of indecency against four boys, all aged under-16,during four trips to the Philippines.

  • GreekOrthodox priest Andreas Papadimitropoulos pleads guilty to one count ofindecent assault against a 17-year-old female parishioner.
  • GeoffreyRobert Dobbs, who coached gymnastics as a youth leader with two churchgroups in Brisbane, pleads guilty to 116 child sex offences involvingdozens of young girls.

  • FemaleCatholic high school teacher, Maria Agense Loughery, is found guilty ofmolesting one of her students then having a four-year relationship withthe girl.

[*The vast majority of offences listed above occurred prior 1999, many ofthem dating back decades with the offenders only charged in recentyears.]

The following are accused of turning a blind eye to child sex offences committed by those under their supervision:

  • SAAnglican Archbishop Ian George resigns after ongoing child sex abusescandal involving 143 victims and 58 possible church offenders who werepart of a paedophile network working within the church.

  • FormerGovernor-General Dr Peter Hollingworth, previously Archbishop ofBrisbane, resigns as GG amidst allegations of child sex cover-ups andafter telling one victim in 1998 that men’s sexual urges were “onlyhuman”. In May 2004, Hollingworth admitted he was wrong about child sexabuse and did not “understand the ‘emotional mechanics’ of child sexualabuse and the long-term destructive effect on a victim’s later life.”
  • NSW Bishop Michael Malone covers up child sex abuse.

  • Catholic Church’s Jesuit order admits using blocking tactics to frustrate victims of sexual abuse into dropping their claims.

  • Boston’s Cardinal Bernard Law was involved in the long-term cover up of serial paedophile priest John Geoghan.

  • Baptistpastor Douglas Ray Ensbey pleads guilty to destroying evidence of thesexual abuse of a girl by church parishioner Mark Boyce.

  • Catholicchurch priests and officials from the Fawkner North presbytery withheldinformation regarding church worker Robert Charles Blunden, who waspotentially implicated in the unsolved murder of a 12-year-old boy in1964. Blunden was convicted of 29 child abuse offences in 1997.

  • CatholicBishop of Cairns, James Foley, provides a pre-sentencing characterreference for a former principle convicted of four counts relating toindecent dealings with an 11-year-old girl.

Compensation claims, inquiries and victims coming forward:

  • TheAnglican Church of SA facing a $63 million compensation bill for 70alleged victims in a class action suit, while the SA Police investigatemore than 800 historical complaints against 600 alleged paedophiles,including ones from the Anglican Church, two Catholic schools, theScouts movement, the YMCA, South Australian surf lifesaving and theSalvation Army.

  • Morethan 600 victims of physical, mental and sexual abuse occurring in avariety of institutions give evidence against Salvation Army’s GillMemorial Boy’s Home in Goulburn.

  • Inthe past 15 months, 104 new disclosures of sexual assault, bullying andharassment have surfaced, involving 75 members of the Anglican Churchin Melbourne.

  • Catholiclay lobby group, Voice of the Faithful, admits that credible abuseallegations have been made against several hundred priests inAustralia, by more than 1300 victims and ‘this figure was understated’.

  • Fortyvictims seek compensation from Anglican Church regarding church workerRobert Brandenberg, whom an inquiry found had abused 80 to 200 boys andwho displayed photographs of the 200 boys on a pin board in his home.

  • Catholicarchbishop of Perth admits 39 complaints of sexual abuse, related topast events, have been lodged between 1998 and 2002.
  • Anglican Diocese of Canberra and Goulburn apologises for abuse of three children in the care of St Saviour’s.

  • TheAnglican Church sued by a 21-year-old man claiming he was sexuallyabused at an emergency women’s shelter in the Diocese of Adelaide.

  • USCatholic diocese of Portland Oregon settles more than 100 claims in thelast four years, filing for bankruptcy in the process.

  • TheRoman Catholic archdiocese pays out more than $50,000 to victims ofFather Ronald Dennis Pickering and the archbishop later appeals tomembers of Pickering’s parish to come forward with information abouthis misconduct.

  • TheArchdiocese of Melbourne paid, or offered, more than $2 million incompensation to around 130 victims of sexual abuse by 22 priests.

  • CatholicChurch and Poor Sisters of Nazareth, in Brisbane, reach an out-of-courtsettlement with 18 victims of the orphanage, with up to $75,000 to bepaid to each victim, dependant upon the level of physical and sexualabuse they endured.

  • FormerCatholic nun makes claim for compensation against Father James BarryWhelan for alleged sexual abuse he committed when she was a patient atSt Vincent’s Hospital.

  • Archbishopof Brisbane, Phillip Aspinal admits receiving 157 complaints of sexabuse since his appointment in February 2002 (till May 2003), relatedto the Brisbane Anglican diocese.

  • Tasmanianvictims of child sex abuse perpetrated by three disgraced priests,including SA’s notorious Bob Brandenburg, receive payouts of up to$60,000 each from the Tasmanian Anglican Synod.

  • Whilepolice are now seizing property and assets of paedophiles for victimcompensation, church assets have not been seized, even though manychild sex crimes have been committed on church premises andinfrastructure.

The following news sources were used in compiling the above listings:

TheAge Newspaper, Federal Capital Press, Adelaide Advertiser, TheAustralian, Courier Mail, Herald Sun, Sydney Morning Herald, NewsLimited, Illawarra Mercury, ABC Online, Hobart Mercury, The WestAustralian, ABC TV’s 7.30 Report, SBS Cutting Edge, Sunday Mail, BayFM, Canberra Times.

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