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Care worker's son abused children: court

Wednesday Jan 11 18:09 AEDT

Achildcare worker's son sexually abused 11 young children hundreds oftimes, molesting up to two or three children a day while his mother wassupposed to be caring for them in her home, a court has been told.

Melbourne'sWhitehorse Council took three years to suspend the contract childcareworker after first receiving complaints about her son.

A20-year-old man, who cannot be named, has reserved his plea on 19 childsex offences allegedly committed on children aged between three and 10during an eight year period.

The alleged offences occurred in his mother's three rental properties from July 1996 until August 2004.

Policeinterviewed 67 families during their investigation and say the accusedbribed children with Pokemon cards, gifts and offered one boy $2 forsex, according to the brief of evidence tendered to MelbourneMagistrates Court.

Around October 1999, the accused played hideand seek with an eight-year-old boy, lured him into the bathroom andhad anal sex with him.

The same thing happened several times to the boy's younger brother, aged around six or seven, before his family moved away.

"Hejust says it happened every second day for almost the entire time hewas in care, which is a long time," Detective Senior Constable DaveBruce said in an interview with the accused.

"You were doing it ... to two or three kids every day."

AroundDecember 2002, the accused - then aged 17 - asked a five-year-old girlto copy the oral sex he was watching on the pay TV pornography channel,which was on in his mother's lounge room.

"I just watched it for a little bit and she was just walking around," he told police.

"I don't know, (I) just said `how's about you do that?'"

Now aged 20, the accused told police he started drinking aged eight, was teased at school and was not an abuse victim himself.

He was a coach in a cricket program for children aged between five and 10 and said he had tried to join the police force.

The accused said he had no reason for abusing his victims.

"I wish I had a reason, but I just don't have a reason," he told police.

"Just `cos I was frustrated at school, drinking, you know, drugs and (it) all piled up into one - one stupid thing.

"I'm sorry for what I've put them through. I'm sorry about everything I've done.

"If I could take it, everything, all back, I would do it in a second."

The accused told police his mother was unaware what he was doing to the children.

Thecouncil received a complaint of a sexual nature against the son of thecontracted childcare worker, about July 2001, according to the brief ofevidence.

The woman complainant, who had two boys and a girl incare, told police the council promised to follow up her complaint butthe family, who moved to regional Victoria six months later, heardnothing more.

There was another complaint from a different familyabout nine months later, but the council did not suspend the careruntil August 17, 2004.

The carer's son was aged between 11 and 19when he allegedly abused six boys and five girls - including threesiblings - all aged under 10 and most aged under eight.

Theaccused reserved his plea to 19 child sex charges, including sexualpenetration with a child aged under 16 and committing an indecent actwith a child aged under 16.

He indicated via his lawyer that he intended to plead guilty to the offences that occurred after he turned 15-years-old.

Magistrate John Hardy ordered him to stand trial in the County Court on February 8.


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Pedophilia and sexual abuse of children in Australia