It is intriguing that when the topic here is the sexual abuse of children that some would like to silence or restrict that!!! Why is that?
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  Home :: 2006 October :: IBD makes business an offer it can't refuse
Internet Business Design, a Toowoomba based web business development company has thrown its weight into the fight for justice for clergy abuse victims.
Mr. John Brown, owner of Internet Business Design said today "I was so disgusted with the response of religions in Australia to the clergy abuse issue when I attempted to obtain closure, apologies, assistance and compensation from the Catholic Church here in Australia". "I have documented only a small portion of my process." said Mr. Brown
From IBD
To all businessmen in Queensland.
Today I became so disgusted with the response from all relgions here in Australia in regards their response to the clergy abuse issue.
We would like to have your money to support us and to help us carry out our gouals (rewrite goals or add new ones - add to, however we understand the needs of so many charities our country has a dire need for, I have decided that I will offer free to Queensland registered businesses access to our Content Management System. This system is used to provide services to a range of proactive Business based Internet users. I will make our top of the range service available free, this is a service with a startup price of up to $30,000.00 in a commercial transaction. I will waive this fee and make it on a voluntary donation basis. The funds derived from that will be put directly to use in providing payment for researchers and staffing etc facilities, to assist us in providing legal and accounting assistance as a step towards full charity status.
This offer does not come entirely free. We charge a monthly fee for our services (from $50 to $500+ per month) and we also charge a $95.00 per hour fee for our services. We provide a fully hosted, maintained and serviced facility, we operate our own dedicated business servers, our clients are very happy with our products and our services.
Due to one of the many issues faced by clergy abuse victims we are possibly the least well known in our sector, this is due as a direct cause of the process to which I have been subjected to through the Catholic Commission into Sexual Abuse and through another of its organisations Carelink.
I find myself in a uique position in regards abuse victims in that I found a suitable counsellor, I was even more fortunate to find here here in my home town of Toowoomba. This has been 3 years of weekly counselling for me, I have been fortunate enough to have been able to pay for this over tjose three years and to employ people to take up the work I was no longer able to concentrate on such was the process of dealng with the catholic Commission.
My dealings with my counsellor, though they were traumatic for me and that they caused me a great deal of emotions, it never caused me reabuse, it never harmed me, in fact it assisted me and it assisted me greatly, I came to trust my counsellors as she was providing for me the professional assistance I required and was paying for. In contrast the process of dealing with the Catholic Commission is only that I can call an abusive one.
We have some goals - some of them are lofty ones, though none are out of reach. We want to create a trust fund of $10m. We want to set that side and put the interest towards the operations of the foundation. The $10m is a reward which will go to the individual or organisation which can show that it has found, implemneted and maintained a long-term solution to not only clergy abuse, but sexual abuse in our society. We hope to make that $10m grow so that n time it will be the largest prize on the planet. We believe that it must at some point become economically viable to stamp out clergy abuse. We hope to gather and collate figures to support us and to show the true extent of the financial costs to us as a society (estimated in the billions of $'s here in Australia alone.) and to make those available in a report to Australia; we wish to gather and collate data and information on victims of clergy, sexual and spiritual abuse and to make those available in a report to Australia.
We have contacts with suitable independent people to formulate policies, we have the ability to apply technology to this process to any degree required, we have the people who have a genune need and interest in obtaining all those things a just outcome for them should provide. These are the things which are lacking from the available religion based processes provide.

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Pedophilia and sexual abuse of children in Australia