It is intriguing that when the topic here is the sexual abuse of children that some would like to silence or restrict that!!!
Why is that?
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Release of information for research 
Victim provides open access to all past and future aspects of his case as the first step towards a genuinely independent investigation of paedophilia in the Catholic Church. (more on this soon)
CareLink interview
CL: "OK, I mean I think today is really about what how you want to do it, not us in telling you how you want to do it but"
JOHNB:  "I want to be, I want to well perhaps I want to know how many of those points the Church can comply with?"
Response from George Pell to questions posed on July 19, 2006 = 17/01/2022 No response
see A plaque for George Pell for full transcript.
Response from Archbishop of Melbourne to questions posed on July 20, 2006 = 17/01/2022 No response

Welcome to TFYQA.

We are so new we only have the name of this domain name to use at this time.

We are a small but determined group of past victims of clergy abuse here in Australia. Many of those involved are also dealing with the "Independent Commission in to Sexual Abuse" set up by the Catholic Church Melbourne diocese, however we are not confined to any particular religion. Participants have the choice of undertaking a campaign with the assistance from other members and may address any aspect of religious abuse.

Initial topics include the release of data for scientific research and study by the Catholic "Independent Commission in to Sexual Abuse". We are in the process of developing a series of questions for the Commissioner. Questions will be publish here as well as the response we receive from the Commission.

We hope to conduct a number of interviews starting with our Interview with Emeritus Professor Freda Briggs

We would appreciate your feedback on the document released in 2002, titled
U. S. Bishops' Charter For Protection Of Children And Young People as to why one part of the church can act in this way and another in a very different manner - we will run a poll on each point of this document.

We aim to provide a growing number of polls where you can express your opinion, we eagerly look forward to hearing from our visitors and ask that they send in their questions for a poll. Contact Us:

We are seeking contact with any victims of clergy abuse - here we prefer to call it by the name Religious Abuse as that is more accurate as clergy abuse takes away from those many administrators, managers, nuns, brothers, parishioners etc involved.

We hope to redefine and publicise an understanding of the effect of religious abuse on its many victims.
We aim to undertake campaigns to determine individually each person in positions of power be they business, political, religious or other and to directly ask them do they support us? Will they support us? How will they support us? We will publish all communications of this and the responses we receive.

We have a number of people we would like to make contact with. We are seeking contact with a Michael who lives in Central Victoria who was involved in an abuse event with Kevin O'Donnell a convicted paedophile.
We are currently planning a database of offenders, it is hoped to make this into a fully searchable repository and will contain a range of information on paedophiles and abusers.
We are seeking funding from our visitors to help in this project.
We are probably the most determined group on this topic due to the fact that those driving and working on this site have had their lives thrust into this issue. Not through any desire of their own. Simply their lives have been used to provide a few moments of sexual gratification to depraved individuals in a system which appears determined to keep much of the evidence under cover and within their closed systems. They appear to have a vested interest in downplaying the effects on peoples lives.
We wish to dedicate a section to articles from Health professionals and authors on this topic. Contact us if you wish to contribute. 

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Pedophilia and sexual abuse of children in Australia

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