It is intriguing that when the topic here is the sexual abuse of children that some would like to silence or restrict that!!!
Why is that?
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  Thank you response to Papal apology
Pope Benedict,
I would like to personally thank you for your words of wisdom and justice and to say I have clearly heard your apology and accept that apology.

I have forwarded the following as a means of fulfilling your requests, I am also seeking your direct support for this on behalf of myself, my family and others affected by these abuses.

with regards

John A Brown

The Prime Minister, Attorney Generals, Premiers, State and Federal politicians and all Australians.
In keeping with my word of writing if things got better in regards the issue of clergy abuse.

I am pleased to say that with the recent Papal apology I am hopeful that this nightmare can begin to be put away as a dark part of our history. I understand that this will not be an overnight miracle as the insidiousness of these crimes has pervaded our entire society for almost a century and the structures built up to support that will take some time to come down.

It is to be hoped that our Health systems will now be able to focus better on their role of providing the compassion and care spoken of by Benedict which has been so lacking in those facilities.

It is to be hoped that Catholic Charities will now be able to to function with a clear conscience and with clear directions and authority so that they too will be able to put their full resources where they are badly needed.

The benefits to come in the areas of education will be of immense personal value to each Catholic child (and to our entire society and our way of life) as they will no longer have to bear the shame of this awful period in their Church's and Australia's history and their parents and teachers will also be able to hold their heads up higher in their communities as these painful issues are acknowledged and resolved.

I hope that the many errors of judgment made in the past in our police forces and our judicial systems will also have the opportunity to become things of the past as it would no longer be possible to identify human rights abuses in these areas of our society due to this singular issue.

The benefits to the health, human rights and justice of every individual Australian can be impacted for the better on repeated occasions as these injustices are righted; whole segments of our charity and social justice systems, policing, health and across the entire spectrum of our society will be able to focus on this issue with absolute clarity and co-ordinated directions from both our State and Federal governments.

It is almost too difficult indeed to bring ones thoughts back from those hoped for outcomes and the myriad of benefits to all Australians it can bring as the potential for such a change in our society has never before been on our doorstep or within such easy reach of the grasp of all sectors of our government and our society and all good Catholics will be able to focus on repairing rather than having to defend the good name of the Catholic Church.

I would like to thank you for the part you have played in helping to bring this opportunity to myself and my family and to each and every Australian and I do hope that one day I would perchance enjoy the opportunity to shake your hand and to thank you for so much as a fellow human being, as a proud father and as a proud Australian.

with regards

John Brown

Archbishop: Most Rev Denis J Hart DD

I would like to bring you the recent words of Benedict XVI.

"Here I would like to pause to acknowledge the shame which we have all felt as a result of the sexual abuse of minors by some clergy and religious in this country. Indeed, I am deeply sorry for the pain and suffering the victims have endured and I assure them that as their pastor I too share in their suffering".

I would like you to recognise my "pain and suffering" and the "pain and suffering" of my family as they too are "victims" and have been affected greatly, I ask this in the spirit which Benedict spoke.

"These misdeeds, which constitute so grave a betrayal of trust, deserve unequivocal condemnation".

I would like you to publicly provide "unequivocal condemnation"  for "These misdeeds, which constitute so grave a betrayal of trust".

"They have caused great pain and have damaged the Church's witness".

I would like you to publicly provide acknowledgment of the "great pain" and "damage to the Church's witness"  for "These misdeeds, which constitute so grave a betrayal of trust".

"I ask all of you to support and assist your bishops, and to work together with them in combating this evil".

I ask that you release all documentation of complaints of a sexual  nature to Victoria Police and to make this documentation available publicly as a means of supporting and assisting you, and in working with you to bring down statute of limitations laws together "in combating this evil".

"Victims should receive compassion and care,"

As a victim of Kevin O'Donnell and as a result of that I and my family are in need of "compassion" and in need of "care" and I ask you to provide to myself and my family the "compassion and care" spoken of by Benedict.

"and those responsible for these evils must be brought to justice".

I have put on the table these few things which have been found to be most effective in bringing these evils to justice.

"It is an urgent priority to promote a safer and more wholesome environment, especially for young people".

Considering Benedict's emphasis on the urgency of obtaining an ending and thus providing a "safer and more wholesome environment, especially for young people" I would like to reach a rapid conclusion to the following.

I believe the following would provide reparative justice.

Restore to myself and my family our family home and household as we were prior to being forced to sell as a direct result of these abuses.

Restore to me my business as it was at its peak some 18/36 months prior to the above and support it until it is operating again at the same level with the same staffing.
Provide to me the ability to operate my business in a commercial sense on an equal footing with the Catholic Church.

Provide to myself and my family access to all services provided by the Catholic church. Provide to myself and my family all psychological, medical, and support services required.

Provide to to myself and my family appropriate "compensation" for the "pain and suffering" we each have endured.

Provide to me the ability to publicly present to Archbishop Pell the plaque which Carelink was unable to deliver.

Provide to me apologies suitable for framing from Carelink, The Independent Commission into Sexual Abuse, the Independent Commissioner, on behalf of The Catholic Church of Australia.
Print a one page public apology in my local newspaper citing all the above named and the full details of this and any other agreement reached.

Provide to others similarly structured restorative Justice for those who were victimised.

My only other available alternative is to seek aid in bringing about a legal action which would un-necessarily and dramatically increase the amount of my claim. Those are undesirable and destructive methods providing no "compassion" for either party and would simply increase the costs individual Catholics will be required to pay.

"In these days marked by the celebration of World Youth Day, we are reminded of how precious a treasure has been entrusted to us in our young people,"

I would like to be able to provide technology services or other services at my avail to assist with the processing of de-identified data and the provision of a listing of other victims who will need to be able to address their own individual issues with you.

"and how great a part of the Church's mission in this country has been dedicated to their education and care".

There are those who have often said "look at the good the Church can do", and as a way of bringing full support to Benedict's words I would like to establish an independently funded research organisation to investigate, report and advise on the issue of sexual abuse by clergy with the intent of providing an initial finding and recommendations within 3 months and a more intense investigation be carried through for a further 12 months with a final report and recommendations. This together with the establishment of planned and structured procedures as an educational and support system for professionals treating victims and to establish and implement the recommendations produced. I would like you to assist in that measure through the provision of $100 million as a seed investment and ask that you support us in seeking additional funding to provide a comprehensive education program to cover all areas of education with in the Catholic Church. This may necessitate a special Bishops fund to ensure its ongoing operation until the task is completed, I am sure that is easily within your scope and look forward to your eager and rapid agreement.

"As the Church in Australia continues, in the spirit of the Gospel, to address effectively this serious pastoral challenge, I join you in praying that this time of purification will bring about healing, reconciliation and ever greater fidelity to the moral demands of the Gospel."

When that job is done, in the spirit of the gospel and to effectively address this serious pastoral challenge I too would like to kneel and pray with you as a means of showing the healing and reconciliation and show the faithfulness to our obligations to our children, and for all of us to provide that as a duty of care to them and the moral demands of the Gospel.

I have also taken the initiative of providing the following as a first step in the self help for victims and I feel sure that many will offer their assistance in this area with your support.

John Brown

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