It is intriguing that when the topic here is the sexual abuse of children that some would like to silence or restrict that!!!
Why is that?
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The following draft shows how successive Governments in all States and Territories have, despite repeatedly having the evidence presented to them, repeatedly failed to act in a responsible way towards the children of Australia and in continuing to act in the current way does make current Governments in all States and Territories complicit in the denial of basic human rights in regards the sexual abuse of children by sexual abusers including sexually abusive clergy.

It is a basic right of all human beings who become parents or carers of children to simply expect that each would be equally aided in the protection of their children, particularly when repeated human rights abuses against children were being committed and continued to be committed against children of Australians.

It is a universal truth that all parents are bound with the responsibility to support and directly act in ensuring the sexual safety of their children, else they are and will be seen to be dysfunctional and are regularly brought before the law for infringements. This same responsibility is inherent in our Governments and our Governments are globally seen to be dysfunctional on this issue.

When State Governments can undertake legislation and enforcement of issues such as these show that State Governments are not unaware of the needs of children, yet State Governments remain silent in regards the sexual abuse of children by clergy even when it is publicly referred to by the Pope and The Prime Minister.
There is a need to question State Governments and to expect a direct response when the issue is the sexual abuse of children by clergy.

"Any nation that does not care for and protect all of its children does not deserve to be called a nation" these words of Nelson Mandella found on page 3 of  "Forgotten Australians"  presented to the Senate did put this nation on notice in these regards in August 2004.

The above report is simply one of many pieces of the voluminous evidence that Governments have been provided or presented with prior to and subsequent to August 2004. The continuation of the process whereby new facts are presented in a variety of reports is a futile one when Governments repeatedly fail to act on the evidence presented. By failing to provide support for education and justice and the failure in providing parents the real ability to protect their children from sexual abusers does make them complicit by their inaction. The ad-hoc responses around the country are clear evidence of the lack of co-ordination and a seeming lack of an ability to act in the way any parent is charged with and accepts as a natural part of their parental responsibility.

Any responsible child carer understands that there is "no excuse for sexual abuse". A Government, if it is acting responsibly will act with this same understanding as it markets these words to its people.

It has taken the lack of action and silence on the part of all levels of State and Federal Governments until it became unbearable for the Pope who eventually took down every religious barrier in the way of providing justice for those abused by clergy until we are left only with opposition or failure from Politicians,Governments and our legal system.

 What a shame that has brought on us all as Australians. That the leader of the Catholic Church and leaders of other Churches have been forced to publicly speak out against these abuses and yet our Governments at all levels remain silent.

Their silence is becoming more evident as we are mocked globally by the addition to our folk lore of yet another answer to the question. "What do you give to a pedophile who has everything?".  I, and I believe many others hang their heads in utter disgust and shame and are forced toaccept the global acknowledgment of the current answer for this question. "A silent or complicit Government".

Will our Governments act now that so many Australians have been identified as belonging to a globally abandoned group of individuals effectively on the basis of their religion?

  • When will Governments at all levels provide a public apology for this Governmental failure?

  • When will Governments at all levels publicly support those who have been directly affected as a result of the sexual abuses perpetrated on them?

  • When will Governments at all levels undertake whatever tasks are required to bring about restorative justice for those it has abandoned in the past?

If Governments at all levels cannot undertake to provide this most basic of human rights to our children then they should immediately step down from their position of trust and authority and at the same time they should issue a public apology for the failure of their Government to be able to provide the protection of this singular human right to our children.

It is an inherent human responsibility of each and every parent to actively and effectively afford protection and safety for their children, this is especially so when it comes to sexual abuse.

It is an inherent human responsibility of each and every Parliamentarian and every individual within our Governments and our communities to actively and effectively afford protection and safety for the children of Australia, this is especially so when it comes to sexual abuse. The portrayal of the issue of the sexual abuse of children when it is committed by clergy as somehow different than other sexual crimes does become an act of discrimination on the basis of religion when it causes the failure of natural parental responsibilities and the responsibilities of a Government.

The lack of any statement or proposal from our Prime Minister, Premiers or Governments on the issue of clergy abuse is beginning to be seen Internationally as a sign of the degree of involvement and complicity across all areas of Government in the cover-up of clergy abuse and the continued inaction in regards the human rights abuses against the children of Australia.

How many individual Human Rights challenges with each seeking damages to the equivalent of the property value of religion in this country do our Governments believe they can withstand before they are eventually forced to act on behalf of the children in their care.

It is not an acceptable excuse for any form of legislation, statute or other to deny the rights of the children of Australia and the parents of those children of Australia when it comes to ensuring the sexual safety of our children. There is no excuse, statute, law or edict on this planet which can make this lack of action on the part of our Governments acceptable.

To continue to fail to acknowledge and to act against all that impedes justice in this area does  leave the Government and the people of this country open to very strong accusations of their implied support of the continuation of the sexual exploitation of children especially when it comes to sexual abuses by clergy. There is no acceptable excuse for this deplorable state to continue to exist.

It is time for a Nationally co-ordinated, bi-partisan response on the issue of the sexual abuse of children including abuses carried out by clergy.

John Brown


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