It is intriguing that when the topic here is the sexual abuse of children that some would like to silence or restrict that!!!
Why is that?
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  re: clergy and sexual abuse of children
re: clergy and sexual abuse of children

You must continually return to 2 things

Notes on a possible follow-up email and possible opportunity to be heard.

Your thoughts and input would be appreciated. I a not looking for all the answers, I am looking for a way to get a human process begun.

The 2 things to continually return to are: 

Stop it happening again

Care for those harmed

These are human rights issues whenever we fail towards achieving both of the above.

It is the responsibility of government to ensure these human rights for the country's children. It is expected of church as well.

Church and State, victims and community must come together with these as specific goals.

My God would cheerfully say take down my churches and cathedrals, take down your grand buildings and grind their stones to powder and mix intoa salve to ease the harm done to my children. My God would say let every politician, every policeman and every individual in places of power and responsibility answer themself every night of their life this question. Did I put the needs and rights of 8 year old children first? If not then you should admit than you are not the right person for the job and should step aside and support those who can do better - after that feel free to trade and deal and you will be a person my 8 year olds can lookup to.

I am going to speak from the child within me and within every one of us.

I see many fortunate and many intelligent and caring people around me, I see many fortunate and intelligent children my own age around me, I know what happens to many children I see it and experience it everyday. Mostly I see them arguing over money, the price of oil and the economy, who is going to be in charge and who can take the cheapest shot in parliament, who has got more and who needs more. Who is more powerful and who is whatever                         but I am down here, they cant see me otherwise they would stop and take a breath and listen to the God of children. Their Gods are not politics, money, power and their want to go to war. Those Gods, their Gods are not in my world.  My God as an 8 year old was not that kind of God. The God of every 8 or 9 year child old simply is not like that.

To me as an 8 year old here tonight

The God of every 8 year old child in this country is crying out please stop and get together and fix this problem up properly because if you dont I will finish up as loud and as angry, as violent and as dangerous and become affected by what I experience and see around me.

If the Prime Minister cannot sit with the Pope and ask what can we do together to keep the God of 8 year old children alive. Then simply there is no hope for the survival of 8 year old children and every child to come. There simply is no hope.

my God is that someone who can stop and bend down and scoop me up, my God is that someone who can protect me and comfort me and not blame me because of the cost or because they believe in something or other.

Then I started to grow up and nothing had changed only it had only become louder and more violent - who is to blame, who is to pay, who should be killed and who should survive.

Church and Government, business and community need to act in the way of a good parent, they need to recognise that there is a huge social problem and this is a major part of it.

No amount of jail terms, no amount of fines or retribution and no amount of compensation will be enough if this continues - this is the biggest war our country faces - the war we perpetrate on our children. It eclipses global warming for the reason that the world has no value to an 8 year old when we as a society can leave them abandoned and leave them  vulnerable while we squabble over politics, power, God, who said or whatever else (that can be about anything). The fact is that there are many 8 years old out there and those 8 year olds grow to be 80 year olds.

I imagine the Pope has shed many tears for not just those he sees as his children, I also imagine Kevin Rudd has pondered the ills in our society and wondered why we cant fix the simplest of them all. It is for that reason why I call on George Pell to not stand aside but to acknowledgethat the problem is outside his ability to deal with and he should hand it over to those in our society who are trained and educated in the welfare and protection of our children, the Church should step aside from its role of providing for those who have been injured by these abuses as it is obvious that it is unable to provide a genuine human solution.

If we do not then on each occasion we put some other need or fear before  the needs of our 8 years old then we each personally will have added our own piece of artillery towards the annihilation of our own children and the children of every other parent in this country.

A man who has not experienced genuine fatherhood cannot be permitted to control or manage such a large part of our society. If George Pell and other Bishops wish to remain in their positions of power then they must step aside from these areas for the sake of all our children. They may well be good theologians or other, the fact is they can not and do not have the ability to be good and proper fathers to children simply because they have never experienced being a real father. George himself knows he stuffs up and the undeniable evidence of that is the fact that we have the situation we have and the fact that we have to have this discussion.

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