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The issue of assistance, support and compensation for Clergy, spiritual and sexual abuse committed by  5% to 10% of Catholic priests on hundreds of innocent children over more than half a decade.  
What do you think our Federal Government should ask the pope in regards these issues.

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A recent letter to State Attorneys General.
When laws defy nature and are maintained the result is widespread Human Rights abuses.

We strive for order in our society and reap the benefits when we get it right. We hold Commissions and in-depth examinations, our law courts strive to get at the truth of matters when we get it wrong; that is how we improve our lot. Individual lives, households, governments and business in our country grow and improve themselves in this way on a daily basis - without this ability our society would indeed be in dire straits.

We all know and understand that trauma causes the body to repress aspects of a traumatic experience in order to facilitate our continuation or survival. This repression can last for an indefinite period of time. We understand these things as a fact of life, a part of our reality. We say this is Human Nature - simply the way it is. Many  believe quite simply that this is the way God made us, others say that it is the way we evolved - either way it is a fact in our life, a fact of nature or it is a fact that God made us this way.

Many simply believe that it is un-natural to put a time limit on the ability of a human being in the light of this knowledge to recall and to clearly describe and understand how and why they were affected for so long as a result of a traumatic crime committed against them; others see it as a law which defies the will of God.

Laws such as Statute of Limitations laws can only stand in defiance of these known, recognised and accepted quite normal, God given and the natural experiences of a human being; simply put, Statute of Limitations laws must defy Natural laws, the laws of Nature and our evolution and at the same time they must defy the teachings of God and the teachings of all our great religions.

To maintain such a state of affairs if we are to accept either or both of the laws spoken of here simply becomes an act which can only be seen as un-Godly and un-natural or more precisely in defiance of the facts of both of these laws.

When such a state of affairs exists in our daily lives it simply becomes ill-logical that we should maintain this un-natural and un-Godly state. We must recognise the need for change otherwise we risk doing a great deal of harm to our fellow man and displays to all our own individual shortcomings. Shortcomings which are enforced on to society despite reality and all harm that such denial brings with it.

Why therefore do laws such as the Statute of Limitations laws continue to exist when their very existence and implementation can be called in no other way than a major flaw in our legislation, un-natural and un-Godly.

On every occasion where the Statute of limitations laws come into operation they simply must impede or deny human dignity through denying this most natural of human rights.

We do have a right to a natural experience and it simply reaches beyond the realms of sensibility for a Government or any authority to enact and enforce laws which simply defy the natural way a human being is - whether that is from a design by God or whether that is the result of human evolution.

Quite simply laws which prohibit people from obtaining justice due to the demand that they act outside the realms and understandings of both God and nature have no place in a civilised and progressive society and governments which maintain this un-natural state will in the course of history leave a legacy which will describe the men and women who upheld these laws as being flawed in some way and they will write themselves a very sad place in our history; to such an extent that their own grand-children will cringe away from acknowledging their own ancestry - what child of the future will want to have it publicly known that their great-grandparent was one who used all that was at their disposal to maintain something that was in defiance of both the laws of nature and the laws of God.

To continue this practice of maintaining such laws is to continue in defiance of human nature and in defiance of God's will. These laws do quite simply deny human rights. Flawed law such as the Statute of Limitations when implemented can not and do not serve to uphold, protect or enable human rights (nature and Gods will), they can only serve to limit, regulate, diminish or deny human rights - this is quite naturally against our human rights, nature and Gods will.

What actions are you, your Party or Government undertaking to set this situation right by removing law which is obviously at odds with reality, nature, the human experience and Gods laws?
We would all agree it would be unsustainable and immoral and an attack on our very senses if we were to legislate in such a way that the crime of sexually abusing a child were to not be a crime on Saturday of next week.
There would be outrage and rightly so as it would be against our common sense, nature, against the rules according to our God and against just about everything we stand for - it would be against our Human Rights and we would call it ridiculous and laugh at the stupidity of the concept and we would easily see that that type of legislation would actually act against the common good of a society - we would simply not do it else we would be seen to be stupid or to have an agenda.

How then is it that our law can under current legislation make the crime of sexual abuse committed last Saturday not a crime and therefore does not entitle those abused to justice; something we say is their human right. No argument about time, God, science, law, legislation or the common good of humanity or of society can be put against that unless there is another agenda. Whatever that other agenda may be it certainly cannot be for those things we stand for and it must therefore defy time, logic, rational thought, God, science, knowledge, experience, law, legislation, our perception of a fair go, justice, the common good of humanity and the common good of our society to permit it to continue to exist.  As well these laws act as a legal roadblock directly in the path of the healing process of those sexually abused who attempt to heal from their trauma; this applies also to many other crimes which cause trauma of the kind found in those subjected to sexual abuse.

Individuals whose right to justice is taken away due to the passing of a single moment in time by their Government who appears to say to them that this is for your own good - this is for the good of humanity and for the good of our society remain harmed and are further removed from the right to justice as well as the right to heal.

Government is not in the role or the habit of taking away human rights yet it is a fact that these laws exist and function in our society on a daily basis. The passing of a single moment in time does not have any direct affect on a survivor of sexual abuse except when through the passing of that moment in time their rights and the rights of almost 2.7 million Australians to justice and their right to healing is removed with the stroke of a pen and a moment in time to fulfill someone elses' agenda, for quite simply it would never be an agenda for those harmed in this way - how abhorrent must this become before good and honourable men bring about a just and honourable fix to this problem?


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It has been an honor and a privilege to provide more than 20 years of availability to those who seek further information on the reality of the global clergy abuse crisis in the Roman Catholic and other religions.

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A lack of denial is a terrifying thing to encounter by those still immersed in hiding from their own failings.

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