It is intriguing that when the topic here is the sexual abuse of children that some would like to silence or restrict that!!!
Why is that?
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  John Brown
John Brown
DOB: 27/12/1948
Yea, Victoria Australia
1 Child
10 Siblings (middle child - 6th born)
Self employed - web development
2 Dysfunctional marriages (separated)


Extensive personal counselling regime as a "best practice" means of countering effects of relationship dysfunctionalities, childhood clergy abuse, familial dysfunctionality and its subsequent impacts and as aid in my ability to derive an income.

Areas of interest include active participation through the provision of services to individuals, charities, advocacy groups, academics and government bodies in publicly campaigning for change in  governmental, religious and public attitudes towards all areas of abuse with a focus on the provision of positive interventions together with the provision of practical aid and assistance.

The collation of data and documentation for the public domain, academic, scientific, justice, social and religious bodies for the purposes of medical and scientific research, public debate and public education.

Active in the identification and reporting of sex offenders with emphasis on ephebophilia and paedophilia. Currently providing support to groups and individuals involved in educating and/or seeking justice where cyclic abuse is evident in areas such as the family Court, education, academia, policing, governmental and religious institutions. The collation of data and documentation on offenders with observations on types
a) preferential/structured/fixed (ie paedophile) type,
b) situational/opportunistic/regressed/incest (ie surrogate) type
c) sadistic.

The collation of data and documentation of a perspective on the difficulties encountered by injured parents in providing consistent and healthy parenting.

The collation of data and documentation for perspectives on parenting through stages of early childhood by those impacted through PTSD, trauma, trauma affected relationships and the role these play in areas such as:
Inabilities of injured parents to employ self researched findings.
Personal identification, family identification.
Provision of healthy protection and loyalty to children.
Parental and other roles played out in affected families.

The collation of data and documentation for perspectives on the perpetuation of dysfunctional cycles within families.
Origins. Effects on the family cycle and individuals within the family structure, their current and future needs, current intervention options. The co-ordination of the development of a policy change submission to the Federal Government.

Active in Children's advocacy, research of intergenerational impacts of sexual and other abuses, advocate for the provision of social justice through the provision of services and support for victims and advocates.

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Pedophilia and sexual abuse of children in Australia

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