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Thanks for your wonderful response

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Thanks for your wonderful response



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Firstly let me say Thank you. It is great to get such a resounding response and subsequently felt this was the best way to reply to you all.I have sought for 5 years now to completethe heinous process set up by the Independent commission into sexualabuse. This commission is no more independent than I am Martian.

I talk with others and those who work with them - my story can berepeated across the country - family after family are treated in themost abhorant way when proper methods and practices are available andwidely known. The reality of sexual abuse and its impacts are widelyknown and understood yet Bishops who as I said receive daily requests tochange this practice do nothing, priests and others who speak out aresilenced because many people seem to believe they must support theirbishops and pray that they will find a solutions - none is forthcoming -it is not even on the agenda after years of pleas and asking. Familiesrisk the sexual safety of their children whilst this matter remains asit is. The very credibility of the Catholic Church is called intoquestion by the refusal of these men to act in a proper and humane way.

I have substantial documentation of my own case over those 5 years andcan clearly show that the systems setup do not provide adequate orsuitable assistance. Charity organisations regularly plead with theirbishops to do something. The Bishops respond by controlling more andmore the processes victims have to deal with. In Melbourne alonebi-weekly meetings are held to pay off victims who have reached the endand feel they must capitulate before it destroys them completely. Thereis no co-ordinated approach to medical and psychological needs - eachvictim is managed and treated independently - each feels that he alonewas treated in the way they have been - that is not the case, hundredshave found themselves faced with the same results, many complainbitterly as their lifes work crumbles under the strain. There arethousands of people who have been effected by this not just here inAustralia but across the globe there are tens of thousands, perhapshundreds of thousands of people who were once children who were abusedby priests and until those abused are treated in a proper way there canbe no healing for the Catholic and other Churches or for the victims.

Everyone is a loser, I see Catholics despised and held to ridicule bypeople from all walks of life, from other religions, from politiciansfrom Charity groups and support workers across the country and yet theBishops refuse to heed common sense.

Where do the people go, the people affected by this when the reputationof individuals is tarnished by the actions of some of their priests andbishops, victims and their families are destroyed is there any wonderpeople are angry about this?There are many who work on a daily basis to try to bring reason to this situation, they are often ostracised and ignored.

Below are some of the people who genuinely try to assist the victims of clergy abuse with out proper funding from the church whilst the bishops pour millions into maintaining their position. People who find themselves in need of assistance go to St Vinnies - they are grossly underfunded, yet again millions can be found to impede victims from obtaining what they must or they will die without ever having had an opportunity to set their lives in order.
In Good Faith and Associates

Australian organisations responding to sexual abuse
Organisations advocating for change within the Catholic Church


Information about trauma
I can be contacted at


John Brown 

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Were you like so many others born into a constitutionally protected God based death and rape culture?

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