It is intriguing that when the topic here is the sexual abuse of children that some would like to silence or restrict that!!! Why is that?
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[70 Articles]
Catholic church in new sex abuse row
Putting the Stop to RSM: (Religiously Sanctioned Molestation)
Washington DC Archdiocese Settles With Clergy-Abuse Victims
Creditors committee formed in diocese bankruptcy
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[5 Articles]
Contact us
In the second of its series of questions to current holders of public officeand to nominees for public office
Catching you up on the latest - Dear God

Pre July 2006   
[21 Articles]
Church, police, state: all failed raped children
The sin must be named
Priest sex scandal shocks Brazil
FindLaw News Document Archive
Roughly two-thirds of top U.S. Catholic leaders have allowed priests accused of sexual abuse to keep working
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[2 Articles]
Speech on the stem cell legislation Ms LEE RHIANNON - The Greens
Support for Institutional abuse victims from Australia

2007 June   
[2 Articles]
Corporate solution to rape
More male sex assault victims seek help

2007 March   
[8 Articles]
Sins of the Father
Religion Briefs
S.D. Catholics, Community React to Diocese Bankruptcy Filing
COLORADO SPRINGS: Liberal Bishop Pulls Out Stops to Silence Orthodox Priest
Attorney General's office preparing release of abuse audit
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2007 February   
[88 Articles]
Wayward Clergymen: Epidemic Or Aberration?
'Father Gil' resting at Maryland center
Remove the limits
Hawaii diocese settles to avoid sex-abuse trial
PBS program on church sex scandal fails to air in Valley
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2007 January   
[193 Articles]
Protecting kids the responsibility of all adults
Adult ADHD 'not treated properly'
Catholic diocese pays $1.2 million in cases
Spokane sex abuse bankruptcy case settled for $48 million
Priest up for sexual abuse
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2006 December   
[195 Articles]
Catholic clergy use Internet blogging to discuss issues
Rendell signs broader laws on child sex abuse
Massachusetts to sue Big Dig companies, alleging negligence
Pedophile not listed on Web
Santa Rosa Bishop Opts for Counseling
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2006 November   
[140 Articles]
Priest denies he lured boy for sex
School pays $1m to sex abuse victims
Bullied priests receive apology
Abuse accused fired
Children's home rape, indecency trial adjourns:[2 Edition]
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2006 October   
[64 Articles]
IBD makes business an offer it can't refuse
Telephone conversation with Bishop Peter Connors Ballarat
Carelink - an analysis of the Carelink process
Carelink. Synopsis, origins, current investigation status, staff dossiers.
Malpractice - legal and medical malpactice - criteria
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2006 September   
[60 Articles]
The most talked about Bishop in Australia's history.
Victims slam pedophile sentence -
Clergy Abuse Tracker USA
US Reports and links
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2006 July   
[50 Articles]
Setting up discussion page
Targets - who we are targetting
Have you been denied Justice?
Our goals are initially defined as:
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2006 August   
[30 Articles]
The Independent Commission
Welcome Google
The Experience of the Victim of Sexual Abuse: A Reflection Mary Gail Frawley-O’Dea, PhD
Some statistics
Qld releases child sex report
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2007 September   
[119 Articles]
Clergy sex-crime review completed
Lawsuit filed against Bay Area clergy
More people come forward with allegations of abuse
Sex abuse cover up theory valid, says lawyer
Group attacks diocese's lawsuit in abuse case
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2007 October   
[10 Articles]
Politicos rally around priest at center of legal battle
Bishop Tod Brown of Orange County could face prison time
The Pope Versus the President
California bishop faces contempt charge
It’s not over, Fr. Ben
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2007 December   
[1 Articles]
70 face court over child abuse

2008 January   
[1 Articles]
When the human soul is left charred and empty

2008 February   
[7 Articles]
Truth is needed for healing to happen
Robin Henderson Victorian Inquiry Redacted by Victorian Inquiry
Robin Henderson Victorian Inquiry Email re Redactions
Stephanie Calabornes Submission re Paper 6 - Version 2
Stephanie Calabornes Submission re Paper 6
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Front Cover Collection   
[2 Articles]
Give us Aussie kids a Fair go Mate!
Give us Aussie kids a Fair go Mate!

Papal Visit   
[7 Articles]
Social bookmarking
Make a submission
Submission Terms and conditions
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Papal Visit - Solutions   
[4 Articles]
Make a submission about the solutions
Survivor Support - Ireland
Betrayal. A letter to the Irish Bishops. VOTF Ireland 2

Papal Visit - Problems   
[1 Articles]
Make a submission about the problems

Papal Visit - Petition   
[3 Articles]
Call for a Royal Commission into the Catholic Churchs' role in the abuse of children
View Signatories
To: The honourable Speaker and members of the Australian House of Representatives

Papal Visit - Statistics   
[14 Articles]
AUSTRALIA - Victims - calculated Tasmania 2006-2007, Australian Burea of Statistics
Australia - Victims - calculated South Australia 2006-2007, Australian Burea of Statistics
Australia - Victims - calculated Victoria 2006-2007, Australian Burea of Statistics
Australia Victims - calculated Queensland 2006-2007, Australian Burea of Statistics
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Papal Visit - USA   
[51 Articles]
The Pope addressing the issue of clergy and sexual abuse by priests.
USA - Family Launches Lawsuit Against Local Priest
USA - Pope: U.S. Trip to Heal Wounds of Sex Abuse
USA - Pope to Bring Forgiveness, Healing and Hope To Sex Abuse Scandal
USA - Cardinal Bertone previews papal trip
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Papal Visit - Canada   
[1 Articles]
CANADA - Tory MP should resign, not hide behind PM

Papal Visit - Australia   
[2 Articles]
Australia - Pope off to US 'battleground'
Clergy Abuse and the Papal visit to Sydney Australia 2008

Papal Visit - Italy   
[1 Articles]
Italy - Ethical, human rights issues to dominate Pope's US trip

Papal Visit - United Kingdom   
[3 Articles]
United Kingdom - Union accuses bishops of failing to help bullied vicars
United Kingdom - Leading article: Unholy rows
United Kingdom - Pope to pray for redemption of Islamic terrorists during US tour

For the Pope   
[3 Articles]
Letters for the Pope
Statements for the Pope
Questions for the Pope

Fair Go Mate   
[0 Articles]<

Papal apology - the difference   
[1 Articles]
Papal apology - the difference it has made

[39 Articles]
The Evidence
A to do list and ideas notes
People we need to know more about
JohnB audio
What purpose does a Church serve?
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[5 Articles]
Oral submission
The Evidence 2
The Evidence 3
QLD Police
QLD Health

2008 December   
[1 Articles]
Franciscans are a Public Nuisance for letting children be raped over decades, says Santa Barbara lawsuit, which could work in o

[1 Articles]
Citizen Investigator Won't Be Silent on Western PA Childhood Sexual Abuse. Speaking Engagements Will Detail 20-Year Investigat

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Pedophilia and sexual abuse of children in Australia