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Oral submission

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The Evidence - Oral submission


  1. I was born in Yea Victoria 27 December 1948 and I am currently 59 years of age.

  2. I attended Yea Catholic School and was expelled after kicking a window out to escape from being beaten with a length of wood by a nun.  I managed to attend Form 1 at Yea High School after that; as a result of my schooling being severely interrupted at grade 3 level I was grossly unprepared for education at this level at that time in a functioning school system.

  3. At the age of 8 I was violently and sexually raped at Cheviot near Yea by Kevin O'Donnell, a priest who holds the world record for sexually abusing Catholic children, this record being the sexual abuse of some 2000 children.

  4. After school I obtained an apprenticeship as a printer, however, I did not complete this apprenticeship due to being pursued by a Catholic priest and harassment by local parishioners at my work place due to my speaking out in regards clergy abuse.

  5. I then worked as a linotype operator doing piece work at the Albury Border Morning Mail.

  6. After working in the printing industry I opted to find work in the travel industry and worked my way up into the top bracket of extended safari tour drivers in Australia.

  7. I also worked for Greyhound Express Coaches.  I was their youngest ever employed coach driver at the time they employed me, with the exception of a relative of one of the owners. I was regularly chosen for difficult and quality additional work during my employment due to my professionalism and my exceptional driving capabilities together with my people skills. During this time I made an extensive and well received submission into improving both working conditions and vehicle safety to a Victorian Commission setup to investigate these matters. I was recognised in the coach industry for my driving experience and abilities as well as my detailed report writing.

  8. I then worked between Greyhound and tour coach operations of many kinds over the next 20 years throughout Australia and North America. I regularly produced a range of exceptional tours and was promoted to driver and hostess combination training as well as being utilised to rescue tours which had gone sour. I have driven passenger coaches extensively in every State of Australia across the spectrum of conditions and weather. I was charged with the responsibility of heading my employers largest and most expensive promotional tour at the time for a duration of 14 weeks taking in the Eastern Seaboard of Australia and catering to some of Australia's travel elite.  I was a regular driver of the first extended limousine in Australia. I drove more than 5 million safe kilometers during my time in heavy passenger vehicles as well as successfully completing a wide range of advanced driver courses through to the instructing of trainee drivers on a day basis as well as leading 16 - 23 day outback driver training programs in the most remote, dangerous and difficult driving terrains found in Australia; as well I have considerable alpine and snow condition driving both here in Australia and in Canada in large passenger vehicles as well as tracked snow passenger and snow grooming vehicles, 4x4, articulated vehicles and extended passenger and highway double-decker passenger vehicle experience. I also have experience in search and rescue in alpine conditions in a number of specialist alpine vehicles.

  9. I was then involved in driving for dignitaries such as the Prime Minister of Japan as well as many film stars, arms salesmen and visiting celebrities and business leaders as well as management and other duties with a ground breaking and innovative limousine hire company before returning to Greyhound as my professional reputation and experience was well sought after and permitted me this ability.

  10. I then moved to the Warwick area and was off work for a period due to a shoulder injury.

  11. I do not have a Queensland Criminal nor Traffic History.  I do not have a SPER debt.

  12. I obtained work in Toowoomba in the printing industry as well as a brief stint driving locally.

  13. I lectured at Toowoomba TAFE and was instrumental in establishing a range of classes in regards the usage of the Internet, email and web page development.

  14. I started my own business which was the first internet based publishing company in Toowoomba. This business went on to design and develop a multi-auction platform for The Local Government Association – a similar concept was taken up by the developers of ebay some years later – as well this business developed a number of other innovative and advanced Internet technologies.

  15. As the owner of this company operating under the name JBWeb . com several years before dot com became popular I designed and developed with some assistance from my wife a product called ProActive CMS, a world class content management system in use today by a number of Australia's premier research organisations (CRCs) as well as a broad cross section of commerce. This CMS is still today producing World class search engine positioning results as well as many other achievements. I currently work for the company that now owns this product as a consultant 3 days per week when I can manage that due to the stresses brought about by these matters. My business was the recipient of a substantial financial incentive program established by the Queensland Government, and have worked closely with Queensland State Development whilst employing 3 full time staff and a well formulated business plan established via a leading Toowoomba Financial advisory service, this and much other has been washed away through the failure to act on repeated requests for an investigation.

  16. I have dedicated an increasing amount of time as a Children’s Advocate over the past 5 years with a lesser degree of time being spent in this regard during previous years.  I have provided free access to the ProActive CMS to a number of Children’s Advocate organisations or similar since its inception and was able to successfully negotiate the long-term upkeep and maintenance of these sites with the new owners of the CMS system.

  17. I am well known for my involvement in lobbying, researching, information gathering, analysis and distribution in regards pedophilia and clergy sexual abuse, human rights and the rights of children. My knowledge and experience in this area has been acknowledged by members of the NSW Police Force due to the provision of information in regards both the activities of pedophiles and clergy abuse. I have communicated with politicians of all persuasions on the subject of clergy and sexual abuse as well as Premiers, The Prime Minister and many politicians across the country. I have lobbied Judges and Bishops in the United States as well as lobbying the majority of Newspapers in Australia directly and via letters to the Editor. I have directely contacted many Bishops in Australia as well as The Australian Catholic Social Justice Council simply seeking an opportunity to discuss the matter of my abuse in a non-adversarial manner. I have lobbied many individuals at all levels of Government, both State and Federal as well as many in other countries in regards the issues of sexual and clergy abuse and the rights of children.

  18. I have a son, he is now 14 years of age and has made wonderful academic progress this year since he made his choice to live with me; I am hopeful of being able to not only continue to provide the current level of support and friendship I have with him but earnestly hope to improve on this further rather than being involved for so long in some of the foolishness this has created. His education is important for his future due to the lack of support from his dysfunctional extended family and I would prefer to focus more of my time and energies in those future  directions he will need when he himself establishes his own family as he wishes to do. The maturity he is displaying will stand him in good stead in that regard and hopefully he will outperform both his parents in that endeavour.

  19. I was married for approximately 20 years.  We separated about 12 months prior to this incident despite my entreaties to take up offers of psychological counseling to assist in dealing with the realities of her own family and childhood; the systemic re-abuse I experienced in my attempts to obtain a  just hearing with the Catholic Church in regards my own childhood abuses was also an important factor in this. My ex-wife still has a great deal of difficulty in coming to terms with her childhood abuses and the psychological abuse and blackmail of her family and is coming to understand that these factors are some of the main obstacles in her at the moment strained relationship with our son. We are all working to overcome this and the many aggravating results due to the failures of the Toowoomba Police service in regards initial reportings.

  20. When our son was 4 months of age he was sexually interfered with by his grandmother; an incident deemed to be of no concern to Toowoomba Police upon my reporting of it.  For the many years following this incident there have been threats and physical assaults against me and repeated threats of sexual assaults against my son.

  21. The night before these charges that I am currently facing I received an anxious phone call from my son, he was deeply distressed because he was to be alone and unattended with his grandmother on the following day.

  22. From an early age, his Mother and I had educated him with the understanding  that he was never to be alone with his Grandmother, her Husband or his Uncle, because of the repeated threats of sexual assault against him, our enforcement of this was also cause for further abuses against my family and played a major part in the break-up of my family.

  23. My son informed me during the telephone call that he was to be alone with his grandmother and he became sullen and distressed by his circumstance and my seeming inability to obtain assistance.

  24. I was gravely concerned for my sons safety and of the repeated failures to obtain an investigation and that was what led to my being in Hampshire street where these events began.

  25. There has been a long history of repeated visits to the Toowoomba Police resulting in many sterile attempts to have these matters addressed, such that I estimate the failure rate to be in the range of 95%. I consider I have educated myself sufficiently well enough to be able to convey clearly my concerns, however this appeared to be of no avail.

  26. Detail os29+

  27. I find it quite distressing to be charged with offences whose descriptions are simply not bourne out by the photographic evidence or by the sworn statements, this together with such anomalies as the ability for 3 police officers travelling in the same car when they reach an intersection that 2 are able to travel in one direction whilst the 3rd is able to travel in the correct direction; it is to be hoped this was the driver of the police vehicle else there should be serious concern for fellow road users.

  28. The officers statements indicate an early point of confusion whereby some officers believed that an actual sexual assault was taking place whilst another had that fact correct by acknowledging that it was a threat of sexual assault that I had relayed to Lou Strohfeldt of the Toowoomba Sexual Assault Unit on that morning. This is also evident in other anomalies found in the provided sworn statements and actions.

  29. I find it both outrageous and irrational that I should have a domestic violence order made against me and to be deemed in need of psychiatric care due to simply providing the protection every child is entitled to and has a right to expect and which every parent has both a moral and a legal obligation to provide and find it unconscionable that I should be expected to act in any other way when faced with such unreasonable circumstances.

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