Documenting abuse in the public interest for the protection of children
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Questions on the issue of the clergy abuse crisis

We welcome your questions for the Pope on the clergy abuse crisis.  
It is our endeavor here to put to the Pope as the leader of more than a billion catholic people and as the leader of the Catholic Church the questions you would like to ask in regards the clergy abuse crisis. 
We believe that this opportunity has not been offered by the Church in any open venue.
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Australians would like to ask the following? 

Sunday 23rd of September 2018 at 10:51:20AM
Why is it that when 90+% of catholics in the street agree that the issue of clergy sexual abuse is horribly mishandled, that we do not see more positive actions?

Here in Australia there have been repeated complaints of legal, medical and religious malpractice, repeated claims of human rights abuses, claims of lengthy delays in obtaining appropriate assistance for victims of clergy abuse, claims of silence agreements continuing to be a part of the healing process when our Cardinal says this is and should not be the case.

Claims of continued movement of abusive priests from parish to parish and to overseas locations instead of intervening and protecting children.

Claims of seeing to the needs of abusive priests in a caring manner, yet consistently not providing similar to the victims of clergy abuse.

Catholic Charities which apologise when questioned about the Justice of the way in which the Curch here treats victims of abuse, questions of faith, questions of the rights of the child, questions of human rights.

So many of your fellow christians simply do not understand how it is that this situation can have existed for so long. Unfortunately, as we all know this has been going on for way too long and that thousands of victims needs are being ignored. This is the case not only here in Australia, it is the case in many other countries around the globe.

Recent figures show that this is occurring in more than 55 countries around the globe.

If someone in the position of power and influence you hold can be aware of the harm and the extent of the problem and yet we see no positive actions towards rectifying these problems, what are we to think of you? What are we to think of the Church as a whole?

Many Australians and many people from those other countries affected believe that what is currently being done is far too little, some believe that it is a crime against humanity when the existence of the problem is known by yourself to be a global issue and that you understand the degree of harm done to so many children and that those children still have problems due to the failures through their adulthood. With so many victims enduring far more than is necessary, with many taking their own lives or sinking into a sea of drugs and alcohol as a way of managing the injustice and horror of what has and is continuing to happen to them why are you not doing more?

It is clear to health workers, your own charities and justice organisations, to the general population as a whole in this and other countries that the current processes are in many instances and in many ways abhorrent, unjust, inhumane, unchristian and ungodly. Why do you permit this to continue?

When will we see a proper humanitarian response by all the Catholic Church?

When will we see the Pope, the Bishops, the Priesthood and Catholics across the globe act in a Christian way?

Sunday 23rd of September 2018 at 10:51:20AM
Monday 26th of May

Why is there no support for Bishop Robinson who has so eloquently set out the problem of power and sexuality in the Church?

Sunday 23rd of September 2018 at 10:51:20AM
When will we see this?

I felt this needed to be asked again. When will we see the Pope, the Bishops, the Priesthood and Catholics across the globe act in a Christian way?


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