It is intriguing that when the topic here is the sexual abuse of children that some would like to silence or restrict that!!!
Why is that?
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Letter to Pope Benedict - Waves of Sadness


Via Email -

Re: Please Rescind Excommunication Support!

Dear Holy Father:

Theworld received a sad message last week--the word that the Vaticansupported the excommunication of members in the Nebraska "Call toAction" organization.

Yesterday's news sent waves of SADNESSto many Catholics waiting for leadership and openness. The power oflove and prayer during this season of Advent needs unconditionalsupport from the Vatican. Please rescind the support of excommunication-- and bring peace to Catholics and non-Catholics watching from afar.What happened to openness and dialog?

Despite what theVatican's legal advisors tell you, we all look to the Pope, forguidance and signs that will rebuild the destruction of communities offaith throughout the world since the clergy sex abuse crisis erupted in2002. The excommunication of Call to Action in Nebraska is not theanswer -- and sends a chilling message to the world. Today is theSecond Sunday of Advent and Catholics and non-Catholics throughout theworld are confused and continue to ask why, why and why?

Withrespect, I ask you to imagine the waves of hope, faith and love thatwould travel throughout the world if the Vatican's excommunicationsupport was reconsidered? Why reject Call to Action from the Church?

Why allow more families to question the social justice teachings of the largest Church in the world?

Yourjob is tough... and raising children and providing faith teachings arecomplicated each time the message of intimidation or fear is used tocontrol efforts of the faithful to bring peace to a wounded Church.

Asthe Pope, you have the presence to change the world. You have thepresence to encourage reform and correct the wrongs that have destroyedthe lives of children and families. You have the presence to grantprotections to all who speak out with responsibility in exercising freespeech, press and opinion.

Our children, the leaders oftomorrow's churches and societies, are watching every move we make tofix the horrific mess that the clergy sex abuse crisis has revealed tothe world.

Without justice, there will never be peace. Without peace, our faith is empty. God Bless you.

cc: Call to Action -- Nebraska

As an amateur writer, my passion forthe courage of clergy sex abuse victims has changed my life directionin many ways. We must never forget that our country's freedom ofreligion does not include sex abuse crimes, cover-ups and failures toreport sex abuse to law enforcement. Your input is important and valued-- please listen to the personal stories of clergy sex abuse survivors- write to your state legislators and Church leaders expressing yourviews and concerns. May God Bless you always.


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Pedophilia and sexual abuse of children in Australia