It is intriguing that when the topic here is the sexual abuse of children that some would like to silence or restrict that!!!
Why is that?
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THE THIRD major event this week occurred in the DIOCESE OF NEWYORK. VirtueOnline obtained an exclusive report that a leadingtraditionalist priest at the prestigious parish of St. Thomas had beencharged with "conduct unbecoming a priest" by Newark attorney MichaelRehill. The charges under Canon IV.3.23(a)(2) were forwarded to theReview Committee of the diocese. The Rev. Andrew Mead, rector of theflagship parish was charged with a laundry list of abuses andaccusations by twelve persons including a former priest, deacon and 10lay people. The charges include alcohol abuse, engaging in sexuallyinappropriate conduct, plots to overthrow the priest, and Fr. Mead'scharges of homosexual activity at a former priest of the parish theRev. Harry Krauss. You can read the story here or in todays digest.

Whenthis story first appeared at the website, an irate evangelical priestphoned VOL to say that Mead was no orthodox priest as he had donenothing to defend or speak up for orthodoxy in the diocese. "He is notone of us," he protested loudly. He may have a point. Last year theparish allowed the former Bishop of New York Richard Grein to preachduring Holy Week a theologically heretical act as Grein had managedthrough his pal Frank Griswold to slip past 39 ecclesiastical chargesagainst him including adultery agreeing only to resign. He stillfunctions in the diocese at the behest of Bishop Mark Sisk. Rehill isthe former Newark Diocesan Chancellor, who is also involved in alawsuit to unseat Charles E. Bennison, Bishop of Pennsylvania. Otherequally irate parishioners wrote VOL to either defend or condemn Mead.This story has only just begun.

IN OTHER NEWS, VOL heard backfrom the Archbishop of York, following my exposure of his less thanorthodox stands in my story, "The Troubling Orthodoxy of John Sentamu."We received a blistering letter from his media person. You can read theunedited, unexpurgated letter and my response to it here:

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Pedophilia and sexual abuse of children in Australia