It is intriguing that when the topic here is the sexual abuse of children that some would like to silence or restrict that!!!
Why is that?
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Sunday, November 26, 2006
Another scandal?
Is another scandal about to erupt on the Beattie Government? Earlier this month, The Courier Mail reported that: "Graham Charles Wickson, 52, a state advertising manager, was found guilty by a Brisbane District Court jury yesterday of six counts of indecently dealing with a boy under 16 years and one count of indecently dealing with a boy under 14 years."
What the report failed to mention was Wickson's close ALP connections to the point where former Speaker and alleged travel rorter Ray Hollis backed him over a Queensland Justices Association dispute in a speech to State Parliament. (Hollis has a history of helping out Labor-supporting paedophiles as my report in the conservative News Weekly magazine stated: "When allegations in regard to former Labor MP, Bill D'Arcy, were made public by the media in 1998, the Premier pushed him to resign, but not before $600,000 in public funds was doled out to the child sex offender.The money was given to Mr D'Arcy after the Premier and Labor Speaker Ray Hollis signed off on a payout deal for him.").
My sources tell me Wickson was campaign manager for two former State Labor MPs. There is also a rumour that one State Labor MP heavily interfered in the police investigation into Wickson. Then there are other rumours that a State Labor MP's home was searched by investigators from ICAC. If the rumours are true - and my caveat is that I have no definitive proof to substantiate them - it would be interesting to find out if there is a link.

# posted by George @ 6:10 PM  
You are correct george, Wickson was very heavily involved in the ALP, especially in the Redcliffe Sandgate areas. The Qld Police have many photos of him with numerous Labor figures, Hawke, Goss, D'Arcy, Wright, Hollis, Wells, Johns, Burns and many more. Many of the photos were taken at Labor functions at Parlaiment House. I have seen some of these myself, shown to me by Wickson himself. He used to brag of his Labor connections and how he had called in favours. One that he bragged about was the incident with the QJA. Another was that he had a police officer transfered who was giving him a hard time. I now know what the officer would have been giving him a hard time about.

Wickson ran his martial arts schools and this was the main source of his many victims of child abuse. At one stage he had a Labor MP (name escapes me at the moment) as the patron of his schools, the Lung Chi Self Defence Schools. Another source of Wickson's many victims was the RAAF Air Training Corps, where Wickson was a commissioned officer. He was forced to resign his commission and from the RAAF. No investigation followed and no criminal charges were layed. There are now no Air Force records available, all destroyed or missing.

The first complaint was taken by the QPS in late 2000 and it took six years to get him into court. He has already lodged an appeal to his sentence.

Wickson is just the epitome of the ALP... GRUBBY. I salute the Crown Prosecutor, Mr Sal Vasta who did an excellent job with what evidence he was allowed to use and witnesses he could call. The judicial system in this state is not victim/complainant friendly at all. The odds are stacked too far in the interests of the accused. Wickson has already lodged an appeal to his sentence. I am reliably informed that there is a class action starting right now against the RAAF and Wickson's Lung Chi Self Defence Schools and his insurers.

My mail is that a certain extremely long serving backbencher and former minister of several portfolios has been investigated several times for abuse and surprise surprise... insufficient evidence. I want to know why he's on the backbench twiddling his thumbs and staying out of public sight.
# posted by Dave Longuet : 5:31 PM 

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