It is intriguing that when the topic here is the sexual abuse of children that some would like to silence or restrict that!!!
Why is that?
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Fort Worth Bishop Apologizes For Abuse In Church

(CBS 11 News) FORT WORTH The bishop of The Catholic Diocese of Fort Worth isasking for God's forgiveness. Sunday, Bishop Kevin Vann publiclyacknowledged sexual misconduct by some clergy members.

The bishop addressed victims of Monsignor James Reilly in a mass of reparation.

Itwas standing room only at Saint Maria Goretti Catholic Church inArlington as Bishop Vann publicly acknowledged the sexual abuse ofminors at the hands of Monsignor Reilly.

"In the name of thechurch, I offer an apology to those abused and their families for thisand at the same time, petition the Lord for forgiveness. I also beg theforgiveness of those involved," Bishop Vann said.

Butforgiveness was not granted by all of the victims. One of the 11 peoplewho agreed to a settlement with the diocese spoke to CBS 11 News. Theman, who did not want to be identified, says a public apology was partof the deal.

"He didn't apologize for the inactions on anyone'spart to stop this year's ago. He apologized for any grief this mighthave caused. That to me is not a sincere apology," he said.

CBS11 News asked Bishop Vann if a publicly apology, on behalf of thechurch, was part of the settlement. He responded, "This should be doneat any rate because of the egregious nature of what was done to thevictims and a public statement needed to be made and so I did that."

Thevictim and former alter boy, who spoke with CBS 11 News was just10-years-old when he says he was abused by his spiritual leader. Hesays no words; no amount of money; can make that right. "Everybody puthim up on a pedestal. We did, my family did, (and) I did. We allthought he was the man of God… the be all, end all, so anything he saysor does has to be right."

Monsignor James Reilly died in 1999.The personnel files of seven more priests accused of sexual abuse areset to be released Monday.

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Pedophilia and sexual abuse of children in Australia