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"Each day I must find or achieve 1 task which is positive for myself and for other victims - then my day can begin.."
John Brown
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Our Charter

Introducing us

The Commission is made up of fifteen women, men,religious, lay and cleric. Our task is to work for peace by achieving justice,particularly through structural reform and social action. The Commissionoperates through a Charter which has been approved by the Archbishop, and theCommission is the official agency of the local Church on matters of Justice and Peace.

Our Hopes

Firstly, to be PROPHETIC - to challenge unjust situations with the message of the Gospel<FAILED>, by word and deed<FAILED>. Secondly, to be PRAGMATIC - to work in solidarity with others <FAILED> to transform those parts of our lives <FAILED>, our Church <FAILED>, our society <FAILED> and our world that do not contribute to the building of the Kingdom of justice <FAILED>, peace <FAILED> and love <FAILED>.

Our Aims

  • To work for justice in social structures <FAILED>.
  • To seek to work in conjunction with the victims of social injustice <FAILED>.
  • To provide information, support and opportunities for social action for people of the church in their mission to give first concern to the poor <FAILED>, the powerless <FAILED> and oppressed members of society <FAILED>.
  • To provide opportunities for educating the Catholic community in the social doctrine of the
  • To provide a Christian context for the research and analysis of social issues where structural injustices occur <FAILED>.
  • To help spread the Gospel message of justice in the local Church <FAILED> and wider community <FAILED>.

Our Actions

We are involved in monitoring developments locally and globally. We conduct research; provide information, services and support; prepare submissions; collaborate with other individuals and groups who serve the cause of Justice and Peace.<FAILED>

Our Commitment

We are committed to the empowerment of and empowerment by, individuals and groups with specific interests, skills, and experience inworking for justice and peace.<FAILED>

Our Functions

1.To research, analyse and act on justice and peace issues. Such research and analysis may be done for the Commission by an external group or groups.

2.To conscientize the Church and public opinion to the problems of injustice that are the subject of its study and research.<FAILED>

3.To develop and promote models for social action on these problems.<FAILED>

4.To stimulate and support the establishment of local Catholic social justice groups, and to support individual and group initiatives.<FAILED>

5. To work in collaboration with other religious, civic and professional organisations similarly concerned with justice.<FAILED>

6. To initiate or to support activities in the preparation, promotion and use of the annual Social Justice Statement.

7. To provide such advice or information on socialj ustice issues as the Archbishop of Brisbane may request from time to time.

8. To provide services, resources, resource personnel, e.g. for Parishes, Deaneries, Pastoral Councils, Council of Priests, Religious,etc.

9. To monitor the development and implementation of public policy as it affects social justice.

10. To prepare submissions and make representations to Government, politicians, public enquiries, etc., on social issues.

11. To make public statements in its own right following its consideration of particular social issues.

12. To act as a forum within the Church and the wider community.<FAILED>

Our Invitation

If you would like to collaborate with us-formally or informally - please contact our Executive Officer:

The Catholic Justice & Peace Commission of Brisbane
143 EdwardStreet, Brisbane
GPO Box 282 BRISBANE Q 4001
P: (07) 33369173
F: (07) 3336 9177
M: 0409 265 476

The Commission’s capacity to fulfil its goals can be limited by the constraint of having only one full-time worker (the executive officer) and the Commission meeting monthly

The TFYQA Award is made by victims of clergy abuse to those individuals in society who have undertaken their role in public office in the spirit of that role, to individuals in our community who have matured enough to be able to act act as an appropriate parent and to those who have dedicated their lives to the children of our society.

"On each occasion a Church fails to treat the many victims of clergy abuse in the manner preached by that church, it performs an act of gross hypocrisy and discrimination."
"On each occasion a Government permits this to continue it too is performing an act of gross deception and discrimination."
"On each occassion a professional uses his knowledge and skill to cover, hide or to enable or permit these acts to continue is breaching someones' Human Rights".

Forgotten Australians: A report on Australians who experienced institutional or out-of-home care as children

... governments, churches and care agencies had shown a "complete lack of understanding or . . . responsibility for the level of neglect, abuse and assault that occurred in their institutions"

TFYQA is calling for each and every Australian, Politician, Bishop, Priest, Nun, religious and parishioners of religions in Australia wherever clergy abuse has been found to actively participate by assiting in providing a just and fair opportunity for victims to be heard by the religious and their parishioners more ....

Priests Hear From Sex Abuse Victims
"The priests were riveted by the speakers, who challenged the cardinal to offer victims more help, including financial compensation."
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