It is intriguing that when the topic here is the sexual abuse of children that some would like to silence or restrict that!!!
Why is that?
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John Brown

1. 51-60

2. Owner of Internet Business development company Internet Business
Design. We provide a wide range of unique software for business
including secure voting and polling systems, content management,
shopping cart system, stock control software etc.

3. To have a greater degree of control over my life, my income, the
ability to have a business and lifestyle to provide the necessary
flexibility to raise my child.

4. No. Failed to complete the one year of high school. An occupation was
a necessity to find work.

5. Yes. Coming to understand that one will suffer if one speaks out
against abuses.

6. No.

9. Other. On gaining the ability to discern those things of value in an
education and to filter out the personal needs of the educator.

10. Most definitely the disappointment experienced by children when
their attempts to participate and achieve and their real achievements
are not recognised or acknowledged, particularly when their achievements
are not always sport related - very unsporting that. Not being treated
as an equal amongst class and school mates. Being "branded" by one
teacher only to find that this quickly becomes recognised and taken up
by other teachers and having no recourse or ability to defend ones self
leaves them with a distasteful understanding of the abuse of the power
held by their teachers.

11. Yes. Each has their own most suitable methods for learning. Many
aspects can be taught to both groups simultaneously, however the human
differences in the sexes should be taken into account. This reaches
beyond just the students gender but it is influenced by the gender of
the teacher.

12. Yes. The major factor to influence my education and my attitude
towards education was to be sexually abused by religious teachers
(priests) and nuns (school teachers) and to not find someone who could
survive speaking out against those abuses.

13. To educate staff and teachers in regards bullying and abuses and to
inform them of the injustice perpetrated when they fail to step in and
bring a halt to bullying and other abuses.

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Pedophilia and sexual abuse of children in Australia