It is intriguing that when the topic here is the sexual abuse of children that some would like to silence or restrict that!!!
Why is that?
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195 articles in "2006 December"
Archdiocese seeking to remove a priest 6:10am December 24th, 2006
Judge sends priest-abuse lawsuit to trial 6:51am December 8th, 2006
Bishop reveals clergy abuse case 6:55am December 4th, 2006
Blinded by faith? Long-secret documents reveal that Fort Worth bishop was aware of priest's troubled past 12:33pm December 1st, 2006
Child Sexual Abuse Amongst Church Clergy, 1990-2000 6:55am December 4th, 2006
Texas judge releases 700 pages of clergy sex-abuse records 12:33pm December 1st, 2006
Catholic clergy use Internet blogging to discuss issues 9:33am December 1st, 2006
Rendell signs broader laws on child sex abuse 9:34am December 1st, 2006
Massachusetts to sue Big Dig companies, alleging negligence 9:35am December 1st, 2006
Pedophile not listed on Web 9:36am December 1st, 2006
Santa Rosa Bishop Opts for Counseling 9:42am December 1st, 2006
Delaware bishop names priests 9:43am December 1st, 2006
Documentary focuses on restoring trust ‘at the altar,’ in Catholic clergy 9:44am December 1st, 2006
Miami archdiocese faces 2nd abuse suit 9:45am December 1st, 2006
Some major settlements in Catholic clergy abuse cases 5:53am December 2nd, 2006
Christian schools cry poor 9:48am December 1st, 2006
Advent is for abuse victims, diocese says 7:18pm December 1st, 2006
Victims target priests 3:27pm December 8th, 2006
Virginia commission on sexual violence holds first meeting 7:23pm December 1st, 2006
Blinded by faith? Long-secret documents reveal that Fort Worth bishop was aware of priest's troubled past 3:27pm December 8th, 2006
The accused 7:37pm December 1st, 2006
New allegation was omitted even as diocese made a change 6:55am December 4th, 2006
Prominent Child Sex Abuse Attorney Blasts Chicago's Cardinal 11:31am December 8th, 2006
A 'full disclosure' withheld key details 7:43pm December 1st, 2006
After second complaint, bishop removed priest 7:45pm December 1st, 2006 7:47pm December 1st, 2006
Unlocking the secrets of the Fort Worth Diocese 7:50pm December 1st, 2006
Are Baptist leaders doing enough about clergy sex-abuse revelations? 11:32am December 8th, 2006
LA Archdiocese to Settle 45 Abuse Cases 5:56am December 2nd, 2006
Abuse by those in positions of trust sickening 6:55am December 4th, 2006
For bishops, sex, lies and sealed records 6:49am December 4th, 2006
Sex abuse by clergy affects all religions 6:51am December 4th, 2006
Woman recalls 60-year-old episodes of clergy abuse 6:53am December 4th, 2006
Deliver Us from Evil Director Amy Berg on the LA Archdiocese Payout 11:17am December 4th, 2006
Another scandal? 11:56am December 4th, 2006
Abuse past rebounds 12:03pm December 4th, 2006
Diocese target of sex abuse 5:27pm December 4th, 2006
Abuse victims warn Va. neighborhood about former Del. priest’s past 4:25pm December 4th, 2006
DPP takes dismissed case to highest court 11:49am December 5th, 2006
Principal fired after police raid 11:54am December 5th, 2006
Group: Probe of FW priest abuse allegations needed 12:58pm December 5th, 2006
Leading Orthodox Priest Charged with Sexual Exploitation, Alcohol Abuse 1:00pm December 5th, 2006
November 2006 listing 2:47pm December 5th, 2006
Child Porn Evidence Suppressed Against First Coast Pastor 3:29pm December 8th, 2006
November 2006 listing #2 10:01am December 6th, 2006
GOVERNMENT POLICY Religion informs immigration debate 9:29am December 6th, 2006
Catholic scandals speed victims' movement 9:39am December 6th, 2006
Child Porn Evidence Suppressed Against First Coast Pastor 3:12pm December 8th, 2006
Sexual abuse and Catholic Church's civil liability 9:39am December 6th, 2006
Courting the Catholic vote after the scandals 9:40am December 6th, 2006

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Pedophilia and sexual abuse of children in Australia