It is intriguing that when the topic here is the sexual abuse of children that some would like to silence or restrict that!!!
Why is that?
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Australian royal commission setting the agenda of the future for children

By John A Brown
June 12, 2014

The Royal Commission is set to attempt regulate and to control a group of predators that has run out of control throughout society, it has taken 18 months of horrific evidence and is scheduled to release its interim findings excluding findings on the notorious suicide producing Towards Healing process in Australia which is still undergoing investigation with more case studies in associated areas expected to be announced soon. The Royal Commission currently is showing that it too is a product of the main predatory group and is being used as a control measure and as a means of educating the main predatory groups so that they can adapt new measures with the aim of continuing their successful methods of ensuring their survival and wealth as well as their power and control. Protecting the hierarchy is of paramount importance though when put under pressure the higher levels will move to protect close companions while remaining willing and able to sacrifice those in the lower ranks in order to protect the top end of the chain; this has been evident in evidence repeatedly taken at the Royal Commission.

This form of human predation is currently being put on display by the Royal Commission which labors under the illusion that it has been set up to ensure the protection of the children of the masses which is the main target of the hierarchy as without them their future and easy way of life is threatened. Set up is an appropriate way to describe this although it is not possible at this point to be aware of the Royal Commission's own understanding of that other than through the examples it sets and most obviously through the upcoming interim report. The Royal Commission is currently seeking further funding from government as it is attempting to deal with more than 1000 institutions involved in child sexual abuse in Australia. At this point the Royal Commission has only publicly investigated around 11 or 12 institutions.

Narrow terms of reference

The narrow terms of reference placed on the Australian Royal Commission denies it the opportunity to investigate crimes other than sexual abuse. Groups of individuals who have been medically experimented on are excluded as are children who were physically abused and marginalised are also excluded. Tens of thousands of women who have been raped and abused by Catholic and other clergy are not included in this Royal Commission. There has been no mention of recuperation for the tens of thousands of victims who have been silenced through placing them under arrest and incarcerating them in mental health institutions. These thousands are left to their own devises as government and religion maintain their denial of the facts.

Humans are psychological creatures highly skilled in deception. They make illusions to dazzle their prey into complying with the wishes of the predators at the top. The abuse of children in Australia is no exception to this as thousands of those sexually abused as children are encouraged to come forward with many still reeling from the shock of their engagement with the Royal Commission it is unknown how many suicides this process has engendered as the Australian press has not reported on the many suicides that have already occurred or it seeks not to connect them with the reality of the abuses on display daily at the hearings.

The picture that is emerging in Australia is horrifying in its simplicity and its complicity at every level of government throughout the country. Actions taken recently by the Australian federal government through it's Jesuit trained leader Tony Abbott who has recently been shown to be unworthy as Prime Minister and his fellow Jesuit trained members of the LNP have taken steps to remove part of the funding under spurious claims of needing that money to look into a failed insulation scheme. State governments have quickly moved to reduce payouts to victims while simultaneously implementing further barriers to justice for the thousands of victims coming forward. Locally people such as the Australian Prime Minister together with many in respected positions including positions on the Royal Commission itself are known as the Catholic Mafia or sometimes as the Christian Mafia.

Relentless process

Once this process begins it is relentless, waxing and waning with each and every external pressure. Once in dominance the predatory hierarchy seeks to establish a system that ensures the continuation through future generations of those they hold in virtual slavery. These are the ways of human predators and have been for many centuries. War is a product of this artifact of our evolution.

For the first time in our history the human population of the planet can be seen in stark reality. Currently the psychological hold over the population is immensely strong, systems the predatory hierarchy have spent centuries establishing are brought into the battle to ensure their survival. The one thing that must never be done is to question their authority and the evidence they proclaim to be undeniable.

Human beings are for the first time in their existence are able to see these patterns in play and in operation right across the planet. They have been made transparent by the overwhelming evidence. In human terms the trigger for that has been the introduction of wide scale uncontrollable communication.

Toxic influence for centuries

In fully established societies the entire political and business systems are under control by the predatory hierarchy; as well health and education become prime profitable areas to engage in. Welfare needs rise under the constant pressure until they too become a means of profit and control by the predatory hierarchy. Continuing the deception in the face of undeniable evidence requires a greater degree of sophistication than ever before. This can rise to the point where the evidence is dismissed openly and publicly, those speaking out about the horror this enforces onto children are publicly punished and branded as heretics.

This is the toxic mess that the Royal Commission was seemingly set to bring these abuses to a stop operating under a legal system that has had centuries of influence under the eager seeking additional power for themselves through aligning with the predatory hierarchy.

In a society that is exclusively psychological the control has to be subtle and convincing with the addition of ultimate threat remaining for the exclusive use of the predatory hierarchy should their livelihood be threatened.

This is a partial picture of where the current Royal Commission sits; it believes it has been provided with the ultimate power in the country and it believes it has been given the right set of rules to do that with. Little does it suspect that it has been duped into conducting the work of the predatory hierarchy while able to proclaim that what it is doing is for the good and the benefit of society as a whole and most likely earnestly believes that.

When the trail of the harmed and damaged only grows larger, when more are traumatized and abandoned than those that are helped the evidence points to failures that are invisible to those proclaiming their intended purpose. Under these circumstances the predatory hierarchy knows and understand that it now has to rely on its years of implementation through entirely permeating each aspect in a sovereign country or island state such as Australia.

Powerful friends in all areas of Australian society

Here Catholicism has called on its powerful friends and together they have established what today we call our society operating under democratic principles. Principles that have been designed simply by continual presence of those wanting to obtain personal salvation or to ensure some form of self preservation. Offering an eternal next life is simply one psychological trick that a fully fledged predatory hierarchy would implement.

The one grip they will not easily give up on is their access to children at the earliest possible age. In this arena it is easy to implement a state of fear and control in a child before they have a chance to realize what they have been duped into. A world that has been established to feed the veracious appetite for power and control of the psychological manipulator - the predatory hierarchy.

Meanwhile other Jesuit trained executives acted against survivors and victims; Tim Wilson of the Australian Human Rights Commission recently launched an initiative to bolster the position of clergy and in particular Catholic clergy across the country; again at the expense of taxpayers money and the safety of children is simply neglected by the people who should be protecting children by putting their Church, their religion and their god before children. Australia is particularly toxic in these aspects.

At this early point in the life of a human child they are at their most vulnerable and when using psychology as a weapon it is not difficult to instill absolute control for the rest of the child s life when you can hold them in trance with both reward and threat as the main tools employed by the predatory hierarchy.

Power and control always goes up; the entire weight hangs over the innocent child and puts before them as many insurmountable obstacles as possible. The widespread use of the Internet has exposed these forms of manipulation as never before. Psychology understands the manipulation though often it too is caught up in the delusion that has had thousands of years to establish itself.

In societies such as this teenage suicide skyrockets, the abuse of children is firmly set as being normal and unquestionable with severe punishments for any transgression. Regulation and control become major priorities for government which are pulled this way and that due to a mixture of their own need for power, control and profit and their engagement with the predatory hierarchy as that increases the pressure they can put on the vulnerable. Australia needs no better example of that in our day to day lives than the Jesuit trained hierarchy in control in our government.

Exists as a result of the abusive culture

A Royal Commission places its existence and the little good that it thinks it can bring to the many victims that it encourages forward while misplaced support funding misses the main targets the vulnerable are traumatized into silence and into stepping back. Only the brave and the foolhardy come forward. The predatory hierarchy and the government have long held control and management of news and information. The speed of progress through the introduction of television was a challenge for the predatory hierarchy as this openly weakened their ability to control its slave populations. Never the less it set about taking control and management and in less than 20 years it was entirely subdued and in the hands of "friendly" fellow exploiters.

The Royal Commission sits inside that balloon of human horror and abuse working with the very rules provided to it by the predatory hierarchy. It's very existence owes allegiance to that which put it into power and keeps it there; it's role is to publicly assassinate the character of the few lowly placed and elderly or to even offer up its dead as scapegoats. Continued exploitation is paramount and sight of the most vulnerable target must never be lost. This is the world of predators and victims; prey that are bred to fulfill the wishes of predatory hierarchies.

Horrified and traumatized country

A Royal Commission in these circumstances can only ever find against the individuals; the few bad apples offered up as sacrifice for the protection of the myths and the terrors that bind whole populations into compliance with the wishes and direction of the predatory hierarchy no matter how deranged or delusional, no matter how obscene or immoral the abuses are the root of power must never be questioned as that is the key to the escape of the masses from the controlling influence of a predatory hierarchy that is dedicated to their inculcation and lifetime exploitation. An inculcation that is directed at their sexuality and at their ability to breed, Anything that upsets this aspect must come in for specific attack by operatives of the predatory hierarchy as this is a major stronghold in the control of children and entire populations.

Some within governments see aspects of this and are horrified as well as traumatized and placed in a state of fear lest the full and true horror of what drives our society is exposed daily through the individual exposure of the few bad apples on offer by the predatory hierarchy. It is a small cost to them as profits have been extensive in past years, huge wealth has been accumulated therefore their method is to ride out the uproar without ever relinquishing their ability to control and to inculcate the next generations while adapting wherever possible and bringing in new miracles to bedazzle those still under the influence of the predatory hierarchy.

Today the whole of our society sits and waits in expectation of the upcoming interim report of the Royal Commission. Will it acknowledge the truth or will it set up society for yet another few bad apples outcome. We have already two of those with the Victorian inquiry stating in its opening paragraphs that it would find for the few bad apples theory as directed by years of influence by the predatory hierarchy. The NSW inquiry followed on from that; it deployed scapegoating and public assault through character assassination of Peter Fox by those contributing the wealth and the protection of the predatory hierarchy. These are what has been commonly refereed to as the Catholic or Christian Mafia so often spoken of in survivor circles.

The Royal Commission has thus far steadfastly refused to openly engage with survivors; instead it has focused on the foolhardy and the deceived as they too are expendable in the eyes of the predatory hierarchy and the Royal Commission is duped into conducting an investigation that can only attempt to ensure the perpetuation of the power that brought it into existence.

No signs yet

The question is will the Royal Commission be able to stand up and be counted or will it too succumb to the delusion of finding for the bad apples solution to the world's greatest outbreak of child sexual abuse and torture. Here in Australia we are about to announce which way we will be going from that point onwards. The world will be watching to see if the Australian Royal Commission will genuinely protect the interests of future children through providing them with the ability to make their own choices in life with the threat and intimidation that exists in every aspect of society. This threat openly exists and is directly the cause of the abuses under investigation by the Royal Commission.

There are no signs yet that the Royal Commission understands this even in the remotest of contexts. In a few weeks we will know if future generations of children will be abandoned to the pleasure and the mental slavery of the the Christian religion and those who are at the top of the predatory hierarchy.

How this Royal Commission acts through its interim report will determine the future for millions of children.

The question is can the Royal Commission expose this to the country and survive or are we about to see increased pressure through skyrocketing suicides, child sexual abuse being better protected while seemingly governments at all levels become further dysfunctional while simultaneously clutching at fading myths in the death throes of the longest lasting mental slavery and torture culture humanity has seen pushed to the surface.

No place is safe from the abusers

The options are not many for this Royal Commission as it knows there is currently no place of sanctuary anywhere in the country for the thousands of victims who have had the courage to come forward in the hope of putting an end to this endless abuse and exploitation of children and our need to care for and to protect our children which is at the behest of the powerful and the predatory hierarchy of the Catholic Church and its companion in exploitation the Christian religion.

Countless people, well no actually about a billion or thereabouts will defend endlessly their right to continue these primitive practices under the claim of religion and a never seen and never accountable deity to which they have been bonded in early childhood to through the threat of eternal punishment held in place with a permanent resident in their head given the name of their saviour; thus is surrounded by the hoards of those who profit and exploit as they do not want to have to engage in productive work for the community; their work is the exploitation of children and whole societies while they claim immunity and exception from the abuses they force onto children and the rest of society as a result of their overriding influence in all areas of government, management, industry and business as well as our physical and mental health, the education of our children and the control and management of any who dare to speak of the reality through the legal and policing systems by those captivated and seduced into becoming unwilling members of a Mafia that eats and consumes their own children and the children of any who falls into their grasp.

The world and its children awaits the interim report of the Royal Commission.

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Pedophilia and sexual abuse of children in Australia