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2008 February Stephanie Calabornes Submission re Paper 6 - Version 2
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From: Stephanie Calabornes
Subject: Redress Schemes
Date: Mon, 2 Jun 2014 18:42:15 +1000

What are the advantages and disadvantages of redress schemes in relationship to institutional abuse.
The advantages I see are the ability for an institution to see patterns of abuse emerging, the ability to LIMIT the abuseswithin institutions through these patterns. This, however is only whenseen in a non partisan approach.
Disadvantages faroutweigh.  Redress schemes are fraught with conflicts of interest andpolitical bias. Speaking as a member of CLAN ( care leavers network ) I have looked at their patron list which exemplifies the state still having oversight of how CLAN is being runand how they would conduct themselves regarding redress. I also stateAndrew Murray, a Commissioner was, still is ? a patron of CLAN . Againthis is a terrifying conflict of interest which places tremendous stress and zero impartiality with CLAN as its ability to function as a wholly independent organisation
Again I state CLAN receives funds from Salvation Army, as stated in Case Study 10 by I believe Major Peter Farthing. I would not be surprised if CLANreceives funding from other Churches also. I exemplify an article intoday's paper where it is suggested CLAN be contacted, there is NO stopping anyone from approaching the Royal Commission themselves.
There are other concerns regarding CLAN Leonie Sheedy telling me to sit up front of the room so the CLAN badges can be seen on camera during case studies. Again the CEO of this 'organisation '  using clients for marketing.
The times Sheedy has shut people down from talking to Journalist at ABC , ' she speaks for herself, Sheedy stated, not for us. From that moment Irealised I was being used..
I believe in real justice, I believe in social inclusion I believe people deserve respect. Where isthat in Care leaver redress. Where is the money for truth, for the real ?
Care leavers deserve respect, as do the families traumatised from theseoffences. Whether that be as a family member of CLAN, a prospectivemember, or a care leaver, we all deserve courtesy and compassion.
One morning I was out front of Commission with Liz, Leonie . Evette handing out CLAN flyers.  A middle aged gentleman came and shook my handbeginning to tell me of the traumas experienced by him at Marist, I called out to Leonie to come and talk to this man many times. Mycalls were ignored . I advised her afterward about this man, who walkedoff in distress similarly my heart fell, Leonie Sheedy advised me ' whydidn't I call out louder '
Leonie Sheedy asked me if I were going to attend the funeral for Lewis Blayse, I felt I had no right to do so, yet I was also aware that there hadbeen some conflict between the two in the past and I wondered how canshe turn up to someone's funeral after failing to give due courtesy tothat person
I wondered also, who Leonie was to ask me to attend a funeral of someone I had not even met. Again I found that disrespectful.
There was some stress for Aletha Blayse a short time ago, I approached Leonie to try and assist, Leonie ignored me. As a member, associate member, or as a daughter of someone's father whose funeral recently she hadattended, Leonie Sheedy ignored my requests to assist a human being.Again !
A short time later I attended Royal Commission with over 1,000 flyers I was asked to print, by  Ms Blayse. Leonie came up to meright quick all chummy wanting a copy of what was printed, sadly I gaveher one.
I was informed by Leonie Sheedy that it was her whogained the funds for Lewis Blayse funeral. This was not true, acareleaver attended Salvation Army HQ with a friend and pressuredSalvation Army to pay for the funeral. Leonie Sheedy was given the funds that another person busted a move to obtain.
 Leonie Sheedy on twitter tweeted she had funds for the Blayse family but did not know how to get it to them Nicky Daviss, SNAP Australia, then informed Sheedy that she could contact Aletha via, as Aletha was continuing the site. Again Leonie/CLAN makingout they are doing the hard yards
Instead of helping, assisting, wanting the real to get out there, that these redress schemes, runthrough CLAN as an organisation are deliberately being limited incompensation due to funding the CLANs and yes, the MiCAHs, we have nosay. Leonie Sheedy and CLAN do not assist in developing their clientsfull potential externally to CLAN, either.
We must have a say,please let me know when that will be ? Please let me know that LeonieSheedy will stop selling peoples stories to media. Please let me knowthat Natalie, CLAN counsellor will stop writing submissions to The Royal Commission and focus on working with careleavers and assisting us ONLY. Please let me know that Natalie will no longer be able to see clients that are not careleavers as you would be able to see in the brochure bottom right of this screen Please let me know why CLAN has so few careleavers and so many associate members researchers.
Here is a posting from a past member of CLAN, name redacted, you know how that works
Ms T "The CEO of Clan is trying to control who gets to speak publically at theRC, she thinks she has the monopoly on us all. She needs to realise that the RC is not about her and Clan and there are more of us out therethan there are FA's amonst her members. Most of Clan membership is made up of Researchers, students, authors,Donor conception parents and offspring, and past providers, Yes youheard right past providers you know those orgs than ran the hell holes.It is also a research training ground as well apparently, how the f...kdid it become and org for these people to use it as a laboratory. And if you have given your story at any stage you can bank on that it has been sold to some of these researchers and students. She was confronted onthis, tried to deny it, but realised there was evidence of it, so shefinally had to admit it, and then goes oh well its extra money for Clanwhats wrong with that. She is paid over $135.000 per annum. In the early days when Clan first started they lived off donations, good willedpeople donated, but were never given a receipt, At the rallies she hadsomeone walking up and down with a tin holding it out to people walkingby. God knows what ever happened to that money. Many of us gave ourtime, dontated stationary,money, I even know some who lost thier housesbecause they had faith thinking that this org was going to do big things for us. Instead the only people who's quality of life improved was alittle clicky elite group who are still running things today. I could go on but I'd be here for ever."
Please let me know.
Please let me know that our future is safe in the hands of the Royal Commission when Justice McClellan is apparently arriving for CLAN 14th Anniversary. Justice McClellan, too is biased, and seen to be by arriving for theevent. All will be good though. I have a placard for his arrival.
Please let me know when the fraud will stop and the truth will begin
I believe that once harm is done then nothing can rectify the abuse. Ibelieve money can help because growth is stunted for not only the victim but the surrounding family as well. My father was in ChristianBrothers, the sentence " you would never make anything of your life "was told to me so many times over growing up. Then. I also was in anorphanage, Government Run. This is to show the lineal effects of theabuse through the generations.
I very minimally believe thatChurch or government should have anything to do with Redress schemes. Ialso do not believe that support groups should have anything to do withredress schemes either. I believe redress schemes should be ENTIRELY RUN by victims/survivors of the abuse.
The aim of redress schemes is to minimise the payment to victims. The aimis also for deeds of release to be signed, eventhough they should beseen as not worth the paper they are written on. The redress scheme runby Micah projects for example is heavily infiltrated with Salvation Army dollars.
CLAN as I have already stated is diseased by Church dollars also.
I believe it does a LOT of harm having counselling and redress run by the abusive institutions and this needs to stop. It is about time we, thesurvivors of the abuse were paid for the looking after we have done forone another in the dark times when these institutions continuously turntheir backs on us, because it is best left covered up, right ?
It is here that I would like to say I commend Lewis Blayse for his work in supporting victims/survivors from the goodness andtruth of his heart. I also comment his daughter Aletha, who iscontinuing on in her fathers footsteps. Micah Projects and CLAN for example, learned a lot from Lewis Blayse. Sadly they did not learn to stop the collusion that stands in the way of independent andtransparent redress for survivors of, in this case, child sexual abuse.
I strongly advocate against group redress. Every person handles abuse differently. To work on a large group, any group redress would also be giving more power to legalese, againdiminishing opportunity for victims/survivors to speak out against their abuser.
If group redress were tooccur, which by the wording it looks most probable, I believe it shouldbe minimised at every level for people to speak, time for survivors toshow these institutions of church and state we have had enough now. Is this the methodology of Child Abuse Royal Commission, do this one institution and as a whole, it wont hurt so much then ?
I believe there needs to be an INDEPENDENT redress scheme with zero input from church and state. They have done well by harming, they can do just as well by continuing theharm in present day. The redress scheme can be set up as a peak body,however state wide they can have branches as well. The redress scheme should be run by survivors of abuse, for example leaders of support networks doing most of the work for little courtesy or regard. people such as Nicky Daviss, Aletha Blayse, Gabrielle Phillips Short, even myself. That is the truth, your system is NOT our system. And your system has hurt us enough.  Redress should be care for life. Redressshould look at for example setting up employment and integrationprospects for survivors, redress should be about always, not about 3mins then I am busy now !
The redress scheme should be set up from tithes from the churches, either that or start taxing them The church affiliated organisations,and state govt organisations set up an insurance plan that is managed by the INDEPENDENT REDRESS organisation
The other option would be to outright tax the churches and those funds go to redress organisation. Property could be sold, for example and funds from property sales go toward redress. Be mindful that amassed property and wealth and hocking off children has assisted to theamassed wealth of these institutions. WHETHER THEY BE GOVERNMENT ORCHURCH RUN
If any oversight I believe that should be limited to numbers of people coming forward, and desensitised information related to statistics. Please be mindful here that people are not coming forward to the ChildAbuse Royal Commission as they see their abusers in the room/building,same as people will not claim restitution/redress from the abusive institution. It is my belief with a redress run entirely away from the institutions, so many more people will come forward.
Are you ready ?
Participating in a NEW  FRAMEWORK for institutions regarding redress MUST be compulsory. If redress worked we would not be having so many suffering today.
Claimants must always have their interests at the heart of anything . Claimantsare the people left to suffer and live with their hurts. Civillitigation should always be seen as an option. It is the right of anyperson left to rot with memories of trauma for so long.
To answer fairness amongst institutions that have more assets than the other. The Child Abuse Royal Commission needs to understand links between churches. Father Usher was asked by Paul Keating in early 1990 to formulate a report on how to better fund welfare for people inAustralia, it came as no surprise to see the now, Monsignor Usher saylet the churches do this, but ' we have to get the funding, was hisresponse " Since then church and state have become araldited in minds of people like myself who have been abused..
To say one has more than another is WRONG, historically churches and Govt, the perpetrators have a lot of cash and assets. To say different would mean I would need to prove this to you, which would take a few moments research on my part ! In fact St Vincent De Paul Society in Australia scalp off a percentage of allfunds accrued and send a tithe to the Vatican, additionally once a yearCatholic Church do a collection for the Vatican. Hello, we the peoplesay the people need redress first
I fail to believe there is no successive institution for any institution, it is all linked from the first institution Benevolent Society , who by the way was NEVER Benevolent throughout, you MAY prove me incorrect, let's see if you can !
I believe there must be fairness for survivors NOT the institutions. Institutions have had great time to look after us. Have they ?Governments and Churches have committed the greatest offenses tohumanity for 200 years. Time to take back our right. Time to realisethat affordability comes secondary to humanity. Sadly but truthfully, the only way the institutions and government will listen is to move them to bankruptcy. HECK they already are morally bankrupt Please allow me to add I will add anyway, ZERO institutions follow god orjesus, for jesus, if were true stated build no temples, worship noidols. The churches are meccas for revenue raising failing  theirgreatest assets, humans.
Yesterday I attended Salvation Army HQ Elizabeth Street Sydney, having words with officers/staff/attendees. Iwas advised by a staffer/officer, in SArmy 50 years. The transcripts from Royal Commission are lies, they are wrong he also stated. Commissioner Condon is a good man. Have you not heard of forgiveness another called out to me. As I stated, fairness for survivors. I would, again rather prefer standing by the REAL
If Child Abuse Royal Commission were to be honest they would understand by following examples from survivors not the abusee institutions we willhave a better, fairer and safer country.
In order to verify an act of sexual abuse on another we would look at grooming, was child in same place as perpetrator at time, gifts, inclusion at family or social gatherings, witness statements that show perpetrator was there at time, documents from social services you do not need to witness the event, there are always other ways ofverifying, in all likelihood that yes, the offence did occur.
Given the institutions have horridly supported many victims so far, I suggest the Royal Commission has a panel training exercise a couple ofweeks before the Commission ends and trains the new redress group.Signatures on document that says what the mandatory guidelines are.These must be followed. NO arguments from either, church or state, orredress.
Counselling and other support should NOT be provided by a redress scheme, as we have witnessed and heard redress schemes are profiteering off the government for counselling the victims/survivors they created. What awonderful life FOR THEM , additionally these dirty schemes are thenusing client data for reports that they may or may not sell. Howeverthey do report on this to agencies such as AHURI research institute, for example. Profit before people I say, is their motto.
Counselling should be part of the whole person approach however NOT in affiliationwith the abusive institutions so they can learn, guide against andpublicise victim stories. How do you think I got to learn what I do, if it weren't for stories being publicised.
Legal advice should be affiliated with redress, yet not legalese for any of the churches or Government, for example we have seen Corrs lawyers now doing deeds of release for Salvation Army, where they initially were there at the request of Catholic Church  Hello
I believe for Legal or Counselling there should be no limits. A person is damaged for life, and the struggles are lifelong.
Finally the compensation in many cases has been limited by institutions overmany years. We sat and watched the Ellis Defence and saw what occurredwith John Ellis. I believe the Government and ReligiousInstitutions have done the same with many more survivors. Sadly notthose that lost their lives in the battle. I therefore believeout of cautionary regard, which includes institutions such as SalvationArmy now mailing their survivors asking them if they have been paidenough, that NO they have no right to take that from the claim they make now. That is like a knife into the heart, liver and brain simultaneously.
Time to move forward, not backward in to the orphanage mentality.
Stephanie Calabornes
2nd June 2014



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