It is intriguing that when the topic here is the sexual abuse of children that some would like to silence or restrict that!!!
Why is that?
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My name is John Brown. I am the public face of the TFYQA (tiff-ka) web site. TFYQA is a site dedicated to the task of obtaining justice for victims of clergy abuse regardless of the religion by stamping out clergy abuse in all religions. We are a proactive group and have many tasks under way, the workload is growing at a great pace and we find that we need to obtain outside funding or assistance from volunteers who feel they may want to use their Internet time to do something of value and to help rid us of the curse of clergy abuse and to obtain justice for the thousands of victims of clergy abuse - these are some of the most damaged individuals in our communities and yet they cannot obtain justice from the religions which permitted the sexual abuse of so many through the practice of covering up and moving priests from parish to parish, by permitting priests from other religions who had been identified as sexual abusers to join yet other religions as priests and to subsequently go on to abuse again; by permitting a virtual trade in paedophile priests which spans the globe and has its tentacles into all the major and many smaller Christian religions.
We are starting to make a difference in a number of areas and we are becoming  more effective as we undertake more and as we have more input. As we are an Internet based group we aim to utilise all the opportunities available through that area. Subsequently we have a need for researchers to undertake some of the many tasks from complex research through to simple Google searching for links to the Google results see an example page here.
This is one of our more simpler tasks, we have opportunities for a broader range of web based tasks, from article research and authoring, news gathering, conduct an email interview, run a poll, do a survey, create a ballot or secure vote, run an email campaign, help write our Newsletter, site marketing, obtaining referer links and many many others that you can provide, maybe try out as a moderator for an intranet based Forum.
If you feel you really want to make a difference in helping you can simply give us some of your time. If you feel this is not for you can we ask that you give us some value from our email by asking you to forward this email on to others who may have an interest - perhaps you could be daring and mail your entire address book - that will help us as well. Perhaps you could add a link to us from your site : here is the code for that - simply edit "" to read your url and paste into your site pages <a href="" target="_blank"><STAMP OUT CLERGY ABUSE></a> our web address is
We would truly appreciate your visit and your referrals and hope that you can come to be one of the group we say "Thank-you to for the hard work and the effort, we really appreciate those who have added a link to the bottom of every page of their site - thank you for the great work and the great results".
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Pedophilia and sexual abuse of children in Australia