It is intriguing that when the topic here is the sexual abuse of children that some would like to silence or restrict that!!!
Why is that?
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To:  The honourable Speaker and members of the Australian House of Representatives
In recent years, the treatment of children and the treatment of religious abuse victims has caused outrage among many in the Australian and international communities. Many groups and organisations have been supported and funded by the taxpayers of Australia, however this support has failed to significantly reduce incidences of sexual abuse in the wider community or to provide suitable early intervention programs for those in need. These failures together with the failures of  religions to take responsibility for the consequences of their sexual abuse of so many and fail to adequately treat victims or to train staff and religious in the areas of child abuse prevention and notification as part of their denial or of their arrogance as to the law in our country.
We as a people, as Australian citizens and the mums and dads, the brothers and sisters and the families of sexual and religious abuse victims simply expect as a human right the ability to ensure the sexual safety of our children regardless of the religion, race creed or color of the perpetrator.
It is harrowing and unjust when a parent has to inform their child that their child and they themselves have had no rights in the past and have no rights now and will be unlikely to have rights in the future due to .
  • Ongoing cover-up of the extent of religious based sexual abuse
  • Laws such as the statute of limitations on sexual and personal crimes
  • The provision of financial, health and well-being safety nets for abusive priests
  • The denial of financial, health and well-being safety nets for victims and their families.
  • The failure of religions to take responsibility for abuses committed
  • The failure to treat sexual crimes by religious as a sexual crime.

 The people of religions wish to play no part in that.
else it would be seen to support in some way the continuation of these crimes.

No other religion has so openly violated its international human rights obligations.
Nothing less than a royal commission would have the power and authority to thoroughly investigate the religious abuses perpetrated in the name of religion  and the actions toward victims, and the extent to which religions violate international law and human rights.

We, the undersigned, call for the establishment of a royal commission to:

Investigate the policies enacted by religions in the protection of children;
Investigate a policy of mandatory reporting including religious, health and school workers;
Investigate the pressuring of .
Investigate the legality of the .
Investigate the process of xxxxxxxxxxxxxx, including the obligation to inform people of their rights and explain the processes so they can exercise those rights and the need for access to legal representation
Investigate the denial of ;
Investigate whether xxxxxxxx and the system of xxxxxxxxxx violate the "rights of the child" ;
Investigate the denial of access to service through religious organisations for victims of religious abuse through bodies such as St Vincent de Paul, The Australian Catholic Justice Commission and xxxxxxx access to those who have been abused


The Undersigned


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Pedophilia and sexual abuse of children in Australia