It is intriguing that when the topic here is the sexual abuse of children that some would like to silence or restrict that!!!
Why is that?
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Give us Aussie kids a "Fair go Mate!"

see how many of us kids have been and will be sexually abused by the time we are 12 years old
fair go - that is not a fair go and it is about time some of you irresponsible mothers and fathers got off your fat lazy backsides and put aside your own fears and agendas to stand up take responsibility for bringing this awful awful business to a halt - for the children's sake.
"Please Mum, Dad, tell them that what they are doing is wrong and that it hurts us kids".
"can't they stop them mum even if they are priests"
"my bottom hurts because the priest put his willy into me"
"mummy can't put a band-aid on the inside" 
"he said it was for my own good because he loved me, that's not right is it dad"
"he said in church that God saves little children like me and it makes my mummy and daddy cry all the time"
John Howard, Kevin Rudd and each and every politician can only be seen to be very poor parents if they let this continue
"why did he do his sex on me. I don't know what sex is"
Give us Aussie kids a fair go Mate! 
We just want a fair go in our schools, in our Government, in our families, in our religion.
We just want
"a fair go at life"


Would you:

Removal of those in positions of authority
Support a call for the removal of those in positions of authority or management of a religion or charity whilst it is in contravention of that religion or charitys' stated ethos?
Do not want to answer

Support for real charities
Support the redirection of Government funding to independent charities with a proven track record of acting in the best interest of victims whilst at the same time withdrawing all Government funding until the offending religion or charity acts in accordance with their stated ethos?
I do not want to answer

Ask for fair and proper compensation
Legislate for the development of a planned and formulated means of compensation and assistance programs for victims?
I do not want answer

Stop funding non charitable charities
Legislate against and penalise taxpayers, business, charities and corporations who provide funding to a religion or charity whilst it remains in contravention of its own stated ethos and standards?
I do not want to answer

Removal of Statute of Limitations
Support the removal of the Statute of Limitations across Australia and in each State of Australia on all personal abuse claims involving religion and charities?
I do not want to answer

Ombudsman to act for childrens rights
Support the implementation of a Government appointed Ombudsman to oversee and to protect the rights of victims of abuses carried out in the name of or under the management of religion and charities?
I do not want to answer

Parliamentary inquiry
Support the call for a full Parliamentary inquiry into all areas of sexual abuse, child sexual abuse, clergy abuse, spiritual abuse,religious abuses involving religions and charities with the intention of enshrining into law suitable legislation that would protect both children and adults in the future and provide a framework to ensure justice for those harmed by these abuses in the past?
I do not want to answer

TFYQA would like to ask you for your stated position on the question of sexual abuse and asks that you consider the following. TFYQA will publish your response for its many readers in this series of questions to current holders of public office and to nominees for public office.

What would you think of a corporation who has a mandate to care and provide for those sexually abused by their staff if that body appointed an expert in the field of stalking as the head of the sexual abuse victim assistance body?

What would you think if the only point of contact was via a legal entity?

What would you think if that corporation acted in contravention to its own stated aims?

What would you think if the those managed by the processes state that it is corrupt and does cause them more and greater harm than their original abuse?

What would you think if those who staff the body do not agree with the way the process works and that they agree that it fails those it deals with?

Would you think that is a strange way for a body setup to help victims of sexual abuse to act?

Basic common sense says you would set up Counselling and support services,you would provide assistance in any way possible by helping the victims rejoin society and to help them repair their lives.

If the corporation's actions became public there would be such an outcry,there would be outrage and demands that this deplorable situation be addressed immediately - heads would roll in all directions.

Why then should a religion be permitted to act in this way? Why should a religion be permitted to ignore its own stated ethos and teachings when dealing with its own victims, why would it act in such a way - surely this is a continuation of the victimisation of already injured people.

Some of society's most injured individuals are subjected to one of the most ill-logical and harmful processes devised, processes which over shadow the worst actions of history's most deranged rulers simply by ignoring their own stated rules and by continuing in their old abusive ways. The human being who can deny these victims their right to a just outcome is simply not fit to hold a place in our society.

My question to you is what action will you take to stop these practices being supported by Government funding for religious bodies and charitable institutions today?

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Pedophilia and sexual abuse of children in Australia