It is intriguing that when the topic here is the sexual abuse of children that some would like to silence or restrict that!!!
Why is that?
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Case of child molestation by a Jesuit elicits tough questions

The Rev. Donald McGuire, convicted child molester and former spiritual

Dear Jesuits,

I have some very important questions to ask you, starting with this one: are you freakin' kidding me?

Are you ever going to do anything to get rid of the criminally convicted child molester the Rev. Donald McGuire?

McGuire,a member of the Society of Jesus and former spiritual mentor of MotherTeresa, has been convicted of two criminal cases of molesting maleminors in Wisconsin and is currently undergoing at least three othercivil cases of child molestation.

Yet, he has not been removed from the priesthood, the Society of Jesus, and is even still being allowed to dress as a priest.

Thisis ridiculous. The inaction of the Catholic Church and the Society ofJesus to remove McGuire is both extreme and outrageously dangerous toall those Catholics under his sphere of influence.

According toPatrick Wall, a former monk, Catholic priest, and current In HouseCanonist working with the Manly, McGuire, & Stewart Law Firm whichspecializes in prosecuting cases of clergy sexual abuse, "the reasonwhy it is so hard to prosecute criminal priests is because there is aconcept within canon law that there's essentially clerical immunity forsuch crimes."

"There are a lot of Jesuit lawyers, and judgesout there who have a lot of trouble putting priest pedophiles in jail,"Wall said. "When you put a pedophile priest in jail there's always agood chance they will be literally killed by other prisoners whobelieve the priests deserve to die for what they did to children, andit is hard for lawyers and judges to put a member of their order injail when it may mean their death."

But I have to say, no matterhow difficult it is to kick child molesters out of the church andcriminally convict them, it is the only responsible thing to do.

Accordingto Wall, most of the less intelligent Catholic priests who are sexualcriminals have been removed from the Church and brought up on criminalcharges.

However, McGuire is a "spiritual genius, a formerspiritual mentor to Mother Teresa, and a spiritual leaders who hashelped establish Catholic programs that have given him world exposurethat rivals any bishop in the Church."
So what does this "spiritual genius" do? He attacks the male minors viaconfessional solicitation, a crime which is a "centuries old thing,"according to Wall.

TheSociety of Jesus has shamelessly attempted to avoid the problem insteadof deal with it, and as a result a supposed spiritual leader has beenallowed to molest at least two male minors.

The sole action ofthe Society of Jesus, outside of saying "no comment" to every questionoffered by this reporter, has been what is called a "geographicsolution."

A geographic solution is when the Catholic churchgets complaints about cases of priests molesting children and insteadof taking legal action against them or excommunicating them from thechurch they just move them to another location.

In the case ofRev. McGuire, he has been moved from Loyola Academy in Wilmette, Loyola University Chicago to the University of San Francisco, to aparish in Evanston, Ill. to Indiana to a treatment center inPhiladelphia and back to Chicago for trial in criminal cases.

Additionally,according Wall, not only was McGuire relocated this many times but hewas also granted a "medical assistant" by the Church to travel with himat all times. However, this "medical assistant" was never a physician,nurse, or trained medical professional but instead was always a highschool aged boy.

I understand that not all priests arepedophiles, but to date there are more than 300 outstanding cases ofsexual abuse by a member of the Society of Jesus, according to Wall.

Iask you, Rev. Robert Wild, members of the Society of Jesus, or anyother Catholic Clergy member how are we as Christians supposed todeal with the fact that these people who are suppose to be ourspiritual mentors are instead taking sexual advantage of some of themost vulnerable people in the world?

How are we supposed totrust any member of the clergy when so many are guilty of these heinouscrimes and so many more were aware of such crimes and did nothing?

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Pedophilia and sexual abuse of children in Australia