It is intriguing that when the topic here is the sexual abuse of children that some would like to silence or restrict that!!!
Why is that?
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re: Catching you up on the latest

Been a while - thought I would bring you up to date on the latest.

Life keeps chugging on - no word on anything from the clergy abuse side of things - really strange stuff at times - I mean its difficult to understand how there is not something in the papers about it when you understand that there are people campaigning on a daily basis to bishops and priests through email, phone calls and letters and the same is going on to politicians and yet there is nothing happening - I mean surely Kevin Rudd and John Howard must have just about depleted 'economy' issues by now and would have moved on to some of the social ills in society - I mean if I hear the word economy once more from these two so help me bob - sure John Howard is the most economical little man I know but does he have to go on so much about it yet he is the one who refused to hold an inquiry into sexual abuse/domestic violence - always some lame excuse or they just give the appearance that all is well in that area - is it any wonder our kids are confused when their leaders act like that - still some of the smarter ones wise up and see them for what they really are - even that is sad when you look at it.

Things are pretty normal here - a married couple - police officers charged with child abuse - broken limbs and brain damage according to the local newspaper and I see another one just yesterday in NSW was charged or something - took 6 months for that one to get out so I suppose you cant call it a cover up - at least it did come out - still they will be able to have his head and still not address the issue -not sure of the facts in the local Toowoomba one here - took 3 days before it made the local paper - sort of looked like an after thought on the front page - it was heard in Ipswich, rumour has it they were involved in the domestic violence area which if true can only leave you aghast as these are the one who are supposed to help those in trouble -still it has always been a game of Russian roulette when trying to get to someone there who actually makes sense and does not go reacting all over the place or even get themselves involved in some nasty little real-estate scam like the one that just somehow popped into my lap.
Still they are well trained - half of them are out there looking for "wide gaping wounds" on people who have been psychologically damaged or trying to make sure their backsides are covered - well at least they did change the word fight from the adds but I still don't understand how the Qld Police Force should involve itself in reducing the $30 million cost to industry caused by domestic violence - I mean are they serious about this issue or are they just wanting to be seen to be spinning their wheels.
Hey have you heard the latest here in Toowoomba - one of the Bishops old whores is supposed to be living just off North street - not sure how the Bishop feels about that but I do have it from a very reliable source that their relationship goes back a long way to Greenslopes some 30 or so years back - I hear she is an ugly little woman so I guess the Bishop has probably found himself something a bit newer to play with - probably sends her off on a seaside holiday or something like that so he does not have to look at her - old whores tend to need that sort of service at times.

Did I mention that Peter O'Callaghan - the "independent" commissioner into sexual abuse - you know the claytons commission - the type you setup with some dummy like him as a front  - you call it independent and it looks like you are doing something - still I wonder when they will get around to investigating the commission and carelink for medical and legal malpractice. 
Not sure what they should do with the other claytons commission or compensation panel as they call it - stacked with weirdo bishop licks so they act as you would expect. Often wondered what would happen if - in fact was having a laugh with someone the other day - was saying what would really happen if JC himself just happened to drop into the Bishops mansion with his accountants and asked to see the books - bet you would hear an almighty row on that with a lot of "you did what" and many a very loud "how could you". I suppose the report card would read something like:

Dear God.

As requested I have compiled the following brief report for your approval.

Whilst it is my duty to report only on those matters pertaining to certain aspects in Australia I felt I must comment on the actions of il Papa in that I feel the things you put in place were not successful and the one who spent so much time devising ways to conceal the depth of the abuse crisis in your church did eventually get the top job so I feel that this point should be put back on the agenda at the next Arch Angels meeting.
He is at odds with George and only appeared to be concerned for his own mates over there in Iraq - didn't appear to give a damn too much for any of Allah's lot [please pass on my apologies when next you chat] - anyway I think George wants to kill them all anyway as they don't believe what he believes and as you are aware it is always difficult to stop these lunatics once they get started - was that you who pushed the other rabbit in the UK out? Got an election coming up here soon, would be handy if you could do the same for economy Johnny.

12/06/2007 Melbourne:
Whilst the number of protected paedophiles appears to be down from the highs of around 10% there is still a high degree of calumny in this region and your good name is constantly being eroded with many falsities being put from the pulpit, whilst there are many who undoubtedly call a spade a spade this does not seem to have made any impression on Dennis as he continues to deny your children the justice you seek for them.
On the misrepresentation issue, I see that situation is little changed; it appears that everything from blatant hypocrisy through to sophistry of the highest degree is called on to maintain the status quo and subsequently your name has been further besmirched in front of a wider global community. This item should also be added to the agenda for the next Arch Angels meeting as should the matter of intellectual property which there seems to be a dearth of. I feel that perhaps a new franchise agreement should be drawn up as it is quite clear that the abs are not following protocol or regulations and appears only to be able to act in a self protective/interest way.
This is very unfortunate as once again this brings your church into disrepute and embarrassingly it remains the butt of a continuous stream of ridicule and off humour.
The psychological manipulation of the congregations is sophisticated to a great degree in that parishioners are urged and encouraged to put the problem in your hands - little do they know that your representatives effectively tie your hands through their inaction and through the constant nagging of parishioners to put it into your hands which as I said are tied and nothing actually is done and the poor parishioners who think your representatives are doing the right thing are duped once again.
I am not sure if that should be listed under misrepresentation or duplicity, I will leave that for you to decide. I have to keep on as it seems that every where I look there are leaks and ruptures and I fear that the whole network is put at risk even though there are signs of resilience amongst the grass-roots and I am hopeful that this will catch and run like a wildfire through the entire network as these appear to be the few who have not been duped by the push to do nothing whilst appearing to be active.

I know you would like to see this matter cleared up as quickly as possible as it has been going on for some time now and it is difficult to keep going whilst so many children are screaming out about their rape and abuse. I am reminded by some that one needs to keep their sense of humour, however I have not yet been able to see a funny twist in the rape and buggery of your children and then for your representatives to try to cover it up in your name - help me out here if you can as I cant seem to see the funny side of that just yet.

I need to go as there is a crisis in the charity sector because they cannot do the work they are bidden to due to funds being drained off to support the above and this is beginning to be seen as charity fraud by some - it really is a mess and the sooner we can get a new management team in place the better. I have jotted down a few gradings for you to add to your existing list.

Misrepresent God: F
Care for my Flock: F
Screw the Parishioners: A
Cheat and steal from the needy: A

You humble servant

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Pedophilia and sexual abuse of children in Australia