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It is intriguing that when the topic here is the sexual abuse of children that some would like to silence or restrict that!!!
Why is that?
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March 17, 2007 at 00:50:43

Do Political Bullies Continue to Interfere With Protections of Children?

by Debby Bodkin


Rightly so, today's media is consumed with ongoing acts of Political Bullies, possessing conflicts of interest.  Yet, Political Bullieswith conflicts, continue to protect one another, fail to disclosewrongdoing, all without government intervention resources.   Sadly, Political Bulliesdivert resources that compromise the safety and protections of childrenand those who protect them as mandated reporters.  Words for thought...

1.The Inspector General has documented that the Patriot Act was misusedand abused by the FBI.  In layman terms, the FBI stretched and evenbroke the law.  Did attorneys advise the FBI to break the law or didthe FBI act independently, without legal counsel?  We must now look toCongress for answers and demands for accountability, in the midst of anall-consuming war against terrorism.

2. Computer technology challenges society with new-found Political Bullies,the "hackers" and "identity thieves." Although the new-found Bulliestake most of the blame for security cyberspace breaches, we must wonderif cyberspace is just another diversion used by the Political Bulliesto escape truths on matters relating to the protections of ourchildren.  The media seldom reports the multi-billion dollar venturecapitalist profits that illicit access to records that are distinctfrom hackers and identity thieves, also known as data mining. Shockingly, it was reported that approximately 1.6 billion records werecompromised at Axciom and the breach was not committed by hackers --but alleged institutional negligence.  Who is regulating this potentialnightmare?

3.  U.S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales is under fire for orchestratingthe termination of federal prosecutors. There were eight U.S. Attorneysfired by the Justice Department, perhaps under political pressure fromthe White House relating to prosecutors chasing corruption in publiccorridors. We must once again ask ourselves if the standards mandatedon the Department of Justice include terminating federal prosecutorsbased on political retaliation. Again, we must look to Congress foranswers and demands for accountability, in the midst of anall-consuming war against terrorism.

Connectingthe dots outlined in this opinion reveal a SERIOUS child protectionconcern that needs IMMEDIATE corrective action.  If the FBI, cyberspaceindustry and the U.S. Department of Justice continue individual battlesagainst Political Bullies, then what happensto legislative and government efforts desperately needed to protectchildren from horrific sex crimes.   Who will demand the time andresources to guarantee our children are safe?  Obviously, it won't bethe FBI, the Department of Justice or the cyberspace industry -- allfighting Political Bullies of their own.  More facts...

*There are approximately 100,000 victims of childhood sex abuse crimescommitted by an employee of a religious institution in the U.S. andPresident Bush used his executive powers to grant immunity to theVatican and Pope Benedict for the horrific crimes that destroyed thelives of children and families.

**Thousands sex abuse victims were denied justice and due process of thelaw based on expired criminal and civil statutes of limitation.  Yet,public records consisting of civil and criminal court records now tellthe truth and reveal a pattern of abuse.  Yet, Political Bulliesthroughout the U.S. are fighting legislation similar to California's2003 Sex Abuse Law that would return denied due process to victims ofpast sex abuse crimes.  

**The San Diego Catholic Diocese recently filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcyprotection on the eve of a clergy sex abuse trial.  Attorneysrepresenting the San Diego Diocese and Bishop Brom obviouslyassisted in meeting the legal requirements for filing a Chapter 11petition.  As a non-attorney, I was shocked that  The ALSAM Foundationis listed as a secured creditor for a $50 million loan made to the SanDiego Diocese for Catholic school construction.   Yet, a simple www.google.comsearch reveals that the San Diego Tribune, by Chris Moran, dated April23, 2005, reports "… The ALSAM Foundation, the charitable organizationof a family from Idaho, has pledged to donate $50 million to theconstruction of the school, said George Moosman, the foundation'spresident."   Again, as a non-attorney, I was shocked to learn thatthe law firm representing The ALSAM Foundation's secured $50 millionclaim in the San Diego Diocese bankruptcy, also represents and/orrepresented the San Diego Catholic Diocese in its lobbying interests inSacramento.  Federal bankruptcy protection is guaranteed in the U.S.and we can only pray the victims of clergy sex abuse are not punishedby procedural court delays.   

Asa Catholic wife, mother and advocate for sex abuse victims, theirfamilies and mandated reporters, connecting the dots reveals Political Bullies in many disguises.  As Political Bulliescontinue to divert the media and public's attention away from effortsand legislation that will ensure the protections of children, thesafety of children continues to be at risk.  Is anyone paying attention?

Ido not have all the answers to this tragic lack of concern for today'schildren and hopefully, it is not because children do not vote and donot contribute to political campaigns.   However, as a society, wecannot allow Political Bullies in the FBI,the Department of Justice, the cyberspace industry, government, political and religious organizations to divert focus away from theprotections of children.   

Pleasewrite letters and send emails daily to newspapers, government,political and religious leaders.  One day, the right person will getone of our letters and will take charge of this horrific clergy sexabuse crisis.  Without justice, there will never be peace and withoutpeace, faith and our country's laws are empty.



As an amateur writer, mother, wife andlegal secretary for the past 25 years, my passion for the courage ofclergy sex abuse victims, their families and mandated reporters, whomade a choice to protect children, before their own career security andego, has evolved over the past 5 years. My husband, Michael, is aformer Catholic high school teacher and coach, who was forced to make acareer change without due process of the law. He will soon complete hisMasters Degree in Special Education, his new-found passion. Ourchildren, Nicole, Rachel, Brent and Laurel are a gift to us and all whomeet them. We pray our children and the world's children will witnesssociety correcting the wrongs committed against innocent children andfamilies. Without justice, there will never be peace; without peace,faith and our country's laws are empty.

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Pedophilia and sexual abuse of children in Australia